Official Visit by KAILASA’s Delegation to the United Nations in Geneva on February 22nd and 24th, 2023

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Dated February 28, 2023

The international community’s display of flags at the United Nations symbolizes a deep commitment to advancing global peace, cooperation, and fostering a more equitable and just world.

On February 22, 2023, at the 84th session of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), a delegation of women from the United States of KAILASA, with the gracious blessings of the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism (SPH) Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam, participated in discussions on “the equal and inclusive representation of women in decision-making systems.”

The KAILASA delegation at the 84th session included:

1. KAILASA’s Permanent Ambassador to the UN, Her Excellency Ma Vijayapriya Nithyananda

2. Head of KAILASA United Kingdom – Her Excellency Ma Nithya Atmadayananda

3. Head of KAILASA Slovenia – Her Excellency Ma Priyaprema Nithyananda

4. KAILASA’s Ambassador to Mexico – Her Excellency Ma Nithya Bhaktivasyananda

5. Head of KAILASA LA – Her Excellency Ma Nithya Mukthikananda

6. Head of KAILASA St Louis – Her Excellency Ma Sona Kamat

7. KAILASA’s Ambassador to Latin America – His Excellency Sri Ehan Kamat

8. KAILASA’s Ambassador to Canada – Her Excellency Ma Nithya Sakalananda

9. KAILASA’s Ambassador to Slovakia – Her Excellency Ma Diana Sullivan

10. Head of KAILASA France – Her Excellency Ma Nithya Venkateshananda

11. KAILASA’s Ambassador to Malaysia – Her Excellency Ma Nithya Premavedhantini

12. KAILASA’s Ambassador to Africa – His Excellency Anurag Jhalani

13. KAILASA’s Ambassador to Switzerland – Her Excellency Ma Nithya Yoganandarupini

14. KAILASA’s Ambassador to New Zealand – His Excellency Sri Nithya Banahasthananda

15. KAILASA’s Ambassador to Carribean – Her Excellency Ma Concetta Gallotta

16. KAILASA’s Ambassador to China – Her Excellency Ma Nithya Nadapriyananda

The United States of KAILASA presented a comprehensive report shedding light on the centuries of ethnocide and genocide of Hindus and Hindu Women, Cultural Genocide of Female Monastic Orders, Women Disempowerment, persecution of the SPH and KAILASA citizens, and the revival of the Enlightened Hindu Civilizational nation by the SPH.

The report is a critical reminder of the urgent need to safeguard the empowerment, protection, and quality of life for women worldwide for generations to come, in the face of disturbing gender-based violence and discrimination statistics.

The session commenced with an introduction by esteemed Chair of the UN CEDAW Committee, Dr. Ana Peláz Narváez, and the Director of the Human Rights Council and Treaty Mechanisms Division, Mr. Mahamane Cisse-Gouro, who deftly contextualized the significance of the session.

Dignitaries, including Secretary-General of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, Martin Chungong, Vice Chair of the CEDAW Committee, Dr. Nicole Ameline, and Human Rights Committee member, Ms. Kobauya Tchamdja Kpatcha, also lent their expertise and insights to the proceedings.

The Chair’s opening statement highlighted the imperative of women’s participation in decision-making processes as a fundamental human right and an essential driver of sustainable development.

The Chair underlined the need for a holistic and intersectional approach that can fully account for the diversity of women’s experiences and identities, as well as the structural barriers that limit their access to and influence over decision-making systems.

Throughout the session, it was evident that addressing intersectionality is an urgent imperative in the global fight against discrimination and marginalization of women.

Notably, the discussions highlighted that women experience such social ills differently, depending on factors such as race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and other critical determinants.

The session emphasized the significance of crafting inclusive policies and practices that can effectively address the diverse needs of women across the world.

By prioritizing the experiences and perspectives of all women, we can foster a more equitable and just society that uplifts and empowers all individuals, regardless of their background.

The committee also provided a range of examples of successful initiatives and strategies that have bolstered women’s participation and representation in decision-making systems including:

1. Gender quotas

2. Affirmative action measures, mentorship and leadership development programs, and

3. Grassroots movements and campaigns that empower women, challenge gender stereotypes and discrimination, and mobilize for change.

Distinguished representatives from numerous nations and civil societies shared their perspectives on the current state of women in leadership roles.

While some noted the increasing participation of women, equal opportunities in education, and other positive developments, others highlighted the challenges that women continue to face in their quest for gender equality.

Throughout the session, the participants underscored the importance of building a respectful, fairer ecosystem that is inclusive and equal, a pivotal turning point that is expected to be achieved by 2030.

The discussions were highly engaging and thought-provoking, although it was disheartening to learn that the expected timeframe for substantial change is still 300 years away.

Nonetheless, the sessions offer an important reminder of the need to work towards a more equitable and just world that values and upholds the rights and dignity of all individuals.

The United States of KAILASA is at the forefront of promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment.

By reviving the enlightened Hindu civilizational values and principles, including Hindu Feminism®, the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism (SPH) Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam has presented KAILASA as a solution to the world.

KAILASA is committed to responsible democracy unique to Hinduism, inclusive practices, and equality, ensuring a multitude of opportunities for women to grow, expand, prosper, and contribute in leadership roles.

Drawing on Hindu ancient Hindu laws, tradition and culture, KAILASA recognizes the significant contributions that women have historically made as spiritual leaders, scholars, and administrators.

In KAILASA, women are provided with ample opportunities to participate in decision-making systems, with policies and programs designed to address the diverse experiences and identities of women and to remove structural barriers that hinder their progress.

The presence of the women parliamentarians of KAILASA, representing the esteemed SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam, and the United States of KAILASA, was truly remarkable and made a lasting impression on the audience of the 84th session of CEDAW.

Clad in traditional Hindu attire and adorned with exquisite jewelry, their appearance symbolized the revival of Hindu Feminism and underscored the power and grace of women.

This display served as a testament to KAILASA’s commitment to empowering women and offering them the highest possibilities available.

Before the session began, the women of KAILASA offered reverential worship to the deities of Paramashiva and Parashakti, the Divine Feminine Consciousness and consort of Paramashiva, and to the deity of the SPH Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam, who graced the conference hall with his divine presence.

The KAILASA delegation engaged in productive discussions with several counterparts from other states, underscoring the United States of KAILASA’s unwavering commitment to advancing women’s empowerment and fostering environments that facilitate comprehensive personal and professional development.

KAILASA’s Ambassador to New Zealand, His Excellency Sri Nithya Banahasthananda engaged in a productive and constructive discussion with Emilio S. Barroeta Guillén, Second Secretary at the Permanent Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations.

During the meeting, the Ambassador presented the Bolivarian Republic’s delegate with KAILASA’s preamble to its constitution, the Bhagavad Gita, which was graciously received.

The exchange was indicative of KAILASA’s commitment to building bridges of understanding and friendship with other nations and promoting a harmonious global community.

The esteemed Head of KAILASA United Kingdom, Ma Nithya Atmadayananda, had the honor of meeting with Mohinder Watson, Ph.D., MPH, a distinguished UN representative of the International Council of Women and a champion for ending child, early, and forced marriages.

During the meeting, Ma Nithya Atmadayananda presented the mission and vision of KAILASA and discussed opportunities for future collaboration.

Dr. Watson expressed interest in the presentation and kindly offered her contact details, paving the way for future collaborations towards common goals.

The esteemed Head of KAILASA United Kingdom, Ma Nithya Atmadayananda, had the privilege of engaging in productive discussions with Dr. Nicole Ameline, Vice Chair of the CEDAW committee, as well as other distinguished individuals.

Such meaningful conversations offer a valuable platform to exchange ideas and explore potential avenues for collaboration towards a more equitable future for women.

She expressed a desire to capture the moment in a photograph and humbly receive the blessings of our revered SPH.

KAILASA’s Ambassador to Latin America, His Excellency Sri Ehan Kamat reflected on the remarkable experience of his attendance at the conference. Among the highlights was his meeting with Dr. Ana Peláz Narváez.

In the course of their conversation, His Excellency shared with her that KAILASA’s government comprises an overwhelming 90% representation of women in legislative positions and 80% in leadership roles.

This noteworthy fact underscores KAILASA’s steadfast commitment to advancing the status of women in governance and positions of influence.

Head of KAILASASt. Louis, Her Excellency Ma Sona Kamat, had the privilege of meeting with the esteemed Ms. Gertrude Oforiwa Fefoame, a Global Advocacy Advisor for Social Inclusion from Ghana.

During their interaction, Ma Kamat highlighted the excellent partnerships KAILASA has established with various African nations, underscoring the organization’s commitment to fostering fruitful relationships across the globe.

The representatives of KAILASA made it clear that February 22, 2023, was a momentous occasion for the promotion of Hindu Feminism®, a philosophy grounded in Hinduism’s unique veneration of Parashakti, the Supreme Feminine Consciousness. This philosophy demonstrates the high regard and status accorded to women in Hinduism.

In light of the alarming statistics surrounding gender-based violence and discrimination, it is imperative to preserve true empowerment, protection, and quality of life for women globally for generations to come.

To achieve this, it is essential to revive the enlightened Hindu civilization of KAILASA and to hold accountable those who persecute the SPH and KAILASA and stop their actions.

On February 24, 2023, the United States of KAILASA’s delegation once again partook in a fruitful exchange with the international diplomatic community in Geneva.

Specifically, the delegation participated in a thought-provoking discussion regarding the General Comment on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and Sustainable Development at the United Nations in Geneva.

During the aforementioned discussion, KAILASA’s Permanent Ambassador to the United Nations delivered a compelling address in which she advocated for the cessation of persecution against the SPH and KAILASA communities.

The Ambassador emphasized that such an outcome would serve as a crucial step towards attaining sustainable development on a global scale, leveraging Hindu holistic life positive solutions.

The Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (ESCR) encompass essential human rights such as adequate food, housing, education, health, social security, cultural participation, water and sanitation, and work.

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Moneim, Chair of the Committee, opening the discussion, said that, given the increasing global focus on sustainable development, the General Comment was very timely and urgently needed.

In a bid to foster international harmony, the SPH spearheaded the establishment of the 108 KAILASA Uniting Nations (KUN) – a collective of initiatives aimed at advancing a range of humanitarian causes.

Together, these endeavors hold the potential to foster a world that is enlightened, peaceful, sustainable, equitable, resilient and thriving.

The 108 KUN Initiatives closely align with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), while also encompassing additional elements that draw from the ancient Sciences of Hinduism.

These universal, practical applications hold promise for delivering time-tested, foolproof and sustainable solutions to an array of global challenges – be they economic, social, environmental, or otherwise.

The KAILASA delegation had the distinct privilege of presenting the preamble to the constitution of KAILASA, the Bhagavad Gita, to a distinguished cohort of prominent personalities.

This esteemed audience included Ambassador Peters Emuze, a member of the United Nations Committee on ESCR, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Moneim, and Prof. Dr. Ludovic Hennebel, an expert member of the Advisory Committee of the United Nations Human Rights Council, as well as the Working Group on Communications of the Complaints Procedure of the Human Rights Council.

Simultaneously KAILASA’s delegation undertook a diplomatic sojourn with the noble objective of acquainting and familiarizing distinguished members of various Permanent Missions with the overarching and all-encompassing vision and mission of the United States of KAILASA.

The delegation’s visit to several foreign missions located in Geneva was undertaken with great reverence and respect, underscoring KAILASA’s commitment to strengthening diplomatic relations and promoting mutual understanding.

Preliminary consultations were convened, bringing together diplomats from various Permanent Missions, alongside dignitaries from the governance of KAILASA, including:

1. Head of KAILASA United Kingdom – Her Excellency Ma Nithya Atmadayananda

2. Head of KAILASA Slovenia – Her Excellency Ma Priyaprema Nithyananda

3. KAILASA’s Ambassador to Mexico – Her Excellency Ma Nithya Bhaktivasyananda

4. Head of KAILASA LA – Her Excellency Ma Nithya Mukthikananda

5. Head of KAILASA St Louis – Her Excellency Ma Sona Kamat

6. KAILASA’s Ambassador to Canada – Her Excellency Ma Nithya Sakalananda

7. KAILASA’s Ambassador to Malaysia – Her Excellency Ma Nithya Premavedhantini

8. KAILASA’s Ambassador to Switzerland – Her Excellency Ma Nithya Yoganandarupini

9. KAILASA’s Ambassador to New Zealand – His Excellency Sri Nithya Banahasthananda

10. KAILASA’s Ambassador to China – Her Excellency Ma Nithya Nadapriyananda

During KAILASA’s diplomatic engagements with several embassies, the delegation was received with utmost cordiality, providing a conducive environment to expound upon the visionary leadership of the SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam and the revival of the United States of KAILASA as the only Hindu Nation in the world.

This afforded the delegation a valuable platform to share KAILASA’s message of universal peace, compassion, and progress, and fostered deeper understanding and engagement between KAILASA and the international community.

It was heartening to observe the palpable interest expressed by foreign representatives in exploring potential opportunities for further collaboration with the United States of KAILASA, which augurs well for the prospects of future diplomatic relations.

This is a clear testament to the positive impact that KAILASA is making on the international stage, and underscores the shared commitment towards fostering greater understanding, cooperation and mutual respect among nations.


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