Healing Initiation

Unlock your body’s natural ability to heal with Nithyananda Spiritual HealingSM, where cosmic energy transforms health at the DNA level through Ananda Gandha.

Healing Initiation

Unlock your body’s natural ability to heal with Nithyananda Spiritual HealingSM, where cosmic energy transforms health at the DNA level through Ananda Gandha.

The human body has an inherent ability to heal itself. Healing is the body connecting to the Source of its existence.

Any physical or mental disease is an indication that there is a blockage in the energy flow. Often, clearing these blockages is enough, as the body’s natural healing abilities restore the affected part to health.

Energy healing is a holistic, non-invasive therapy that treats the body-mind as an energetic continuum.

Nithyananda Spiritual HealingSM channels the cosmic energy to heal the person. This is possible by the initiation of an Incarnation who opens up the connection of the Ananda Gandha with the Source. Ananda Gandha (‘the fragrance of bliss’) is a point in the body where the energy of the other chakras is centered.

Ananda Gandha, the source of spiritual superconscious healing, is the ultimate science towards enlightenment. The science of Ananda Gandha is delivered to planet Earth only when incarnations land on planet Earth. It comes from eternal silence.

Ananda Gandha’s initiation is not just activating your automatic intelligence. The opening is a connection to the cosmic intelligence that runs the universe. With this initiation, not just physical or mental healing but Physical healing also happens because your very DNA structure gets re-altered.

The subtlest possible chakra is Ananda Gandha chakra, where you are no longer an ordinary human and disappear into extraordinary superconsciousness. Ananda Gandha is the connecting point of all the other chakras.

Nithyananda Spiritual HealingSM, neither healer nor receiver is required to do anything except enter into restful awareness, remember THE SPH BHAGAVAN SRI NITHYANANDA PARAMASHIVAM, and allow the cosmic energy to heal. Once initiated, the healer becomes an open channel for the healing spiritual vibrations of The Avatar.

Today, thousands of initiated Nithyananda Spiritual Healers worldwide act as the ‘healing hands’ of THE SPH BHAGAVAN SRI NITHYANANDA PARAMASHIVAM. Working from their homes or innumerable healing centers worldwide, Nithyananda Spiritual healers continue to baffle modern medicine by curing fatal and incurable diseases with nothing more than a healing touch and a few moments of prayerful meditation at no charge.

The Science of Spiritual Healing through Entanglement with the Enlightened Incarnation

Why Initiation?

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Learn about Spiritual Healing

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Energy Healing Secrets: Causes of Karmic Exchange & what heals without Karmic Exchange

Deeper Insights into Spiritual Healing

Answers from the Avatar on Healers’ Initiation

Frequently Asked


Healing Yourself – No Restrictions:

There are no restrictions when it comes to healing yourself. This journey is about embracing your innate ability to heal, guided by your commitment to wellness.

Healing Others – Lifestyle Considerations:

For those who wish to heal others, it’s advised to refrain from drinking, smoking, and consuming non-vegetarian food. This isn’t about morality. Swamiji emphasizes that your body experiences a powerful flow of energy during meditation and healing practices. Consuming substances like alcohol, which carry lower vibrational energy, can disrupt this flow, leading to negative energy within the body.

Understanding and Commitment:

This guidance serves as a commitment to yourself rather than a restriction imposed by others. It’s about recognizing that certain habits may not serve your highest good, especially when engaging in healing work. Instead of battling with yourself, understand and internalize that avoiding these substances can enhance the flow of positive energy achieved through healing practices. This understanding is vital to maintaining the purity and effectiveness of your healing abilities.

Nithyananda Spiritual Healing services come with an understanding that no guarantees, warranties, or representations are made regarding the outcomes. Specifically, it is clarified that the healing process does not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, illness, injury, or physical or mental condition.

Individuals receiving Nithyananda Spiritual Healing services should not be referred to as ‘patients’. This distinction emphasizes that the healing services are not medical in nature.

Licensed physicians or health care practitioners offering Nithyananda Spiritual Healing must inform recipients that these services do not constitute medical diagnosis, care, treatment, or any other health care practice.

Nithyananda Spiritual Healing is a non-diagnostic and non-treatment-based spiritual process, not involving any physical intervention or manipulation. Any benefits experienced are attributed to the individual’s innate healing capabilities.

Participation in the Nithyananda Spiritual Healing program is entirely voluntary. Practitioners should neither charge nor accept fees/favors for providing these services.

Practitioners experiencing any physical, mental, or psychological disorders, or those under medication for such conditions, should refrain from providing Nithyananda Spiritual Healing services.

Upon recognizing potential mental disorders in individuals seeking healing, practitioners should not proceed with the services and instead recommend professional health care or mental health support.

Licensed healthcare practitioners must not imply that their Nithyananda Spiritual Healing services are medical or healthcare practices, nor should they claim to engage in such practices through their role as a Nithyananda Spiritual Healing Practitioner.

Please note that these procedures are for the person who has received Healing initiation.

  1. Positioning: Place your palms on the area that needs healing or on the Sahasrara chakra (the crown of the head) of the person you are healing.
  2. Visualization and Focus: Close your eyes, envision Swamiji’s face, and concentrate on the Ananda Gandha chakra located near your heart space.
  3. Chanting the Mahavakya: Begin chanting the powerful mantra, “OM NITHYANANDA PARAMASHIVOHAM.” You will notice energy surging from your Ananda Gandha chakra as you do this.
  4. Awareness: Keep your focus on the Ananda Gandha chakra. Allow yourself to relax deeply into your own being. Please don’t concern yourself with the flow of energy; trust that it will occur naturally.
  5. Feeling the Energy: Once relaxed, immerse yourself in the sensation of limitless energy coursing through you. Continue the healing as long as you sense the recipient is absorbing the energy. You’ll know intuitively when to stop — your hands will naturally lower once the person has received sufficient energy.
  6. Creating a Healing Environment: Ensure a picture of Swamiji is present in the healing space. This helps in enhancing the spiritual ambiance and connection during the healing process.
  7. Convey Compassion: Your body language should reflect care and concern throughout the healing session, creating a comforting atmosphere for the person being healed.
  8. Sensitivity to Needs: Stay attuned to the needs of the person you are healing, providing a supportive and understanding presence.
  9. Incorporate Nithya Kirtans: Playing Nithya kirtans during the healing session can uplift the spiritual energy of the room, enhancing the healing experience.

By following these steps, you create a sacred healing space, channeling Swamiji’s divine energy to where it’s needed most, fostering a profound spiritual connection and well-being.

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