Vishesha Deeksha

Gain access to worship Paramashiva, experience a superconscious breakthrough, and manifest all powers of Paramashiva.

Vishesha Deeksha

Gain access to worship Paramashiva, experience a superconscious breakthrough, and manifest all powers of Paramashiva.

Introduction to Vishesha Deeksha

Vishesha Deeksha is the second-level initiation (The first level being Shiva Deeksha) that grants the privilege to offer prayers and gratitude through personal puja (anmartha Puja) to the Guru (Paduka) and Paramashiva (Atma Linga).

Vishesha Deeksha is giving you a superconscious breakthrough, where the Guru removes the old life (Innerspace) from the disciple and replaces it with the Shiva Atma (Paramashiva’s Consciousness) from His Ananda Gandha into the disciple getting initiated.

It empowers you to engage in daily worship. Vishesha Deeksha and daily puja bestow upon you a life of bliss, ecstasy, and power. They lead you to a life of Oneness and, ultimately, to Paramashivoham.

Whatever you share with Paramashiva daily during the puja, He listens to you. Vishesha Deeksha initiates you into power manifestation and unlocks the doors to KAILASA for you. Vishesha Deeksha offers you the experience of KAILASA.

What is Atmalinga?

Spatika, representing the space of KAILASA, is transformed into physical matter and given to an individual as the Atma Linga.

Benefits of receiving Vishesha Deeksha

  1. Performing Nithya Puja after receiving Vishesha Deeksha is a direct and personal enlightenment process.
  2. It enables you to manifest ultimate powers.
  3. Nithya Puja cleanses your entire system, detoxes your body, matures your consciousness, and opens up your consciousness within your system.
  4. Live a stress-free life, manifest powers.
  5. Have direct access to KAILASA and maintain a personal connection with Paramashiva.
  6. Receiving the Atma Linga and performing puja daily awakens your consciousness, connecting you with Paramashiva.
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Vishesha Deeksha - Initiation to Gain Direct Access to Paramashiva

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Vishesha Deeksha is fundamentally initiating an individual into power manifestation and opening the doors of KAILASA for you. It is a direct personal connection with Paramaśiva, and you are gifted with a unique, intimate version of Paramasiva – Atma Linga. This initiation brings unimaginable spiritual and health benefits. More than that, it gives you Superconscious sovereignty, your innate power to manifest your higher possibilities.

Learn about Vishesha Deeksha

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Why should one offer Puja every day?

Here are four reasons why you should consider taking Vishesha Deeksha.

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The Science of Initiation –  Deeksha Explained!

Frequently Asked


We have prepared a comprehensive puja manual to guide you through performing daily Nithya Puja. You can download the complete manual by following this link. This resource is designed to provide step-by-step instructions, ensuring a fulfilling and proper puja practice.

Upon receiving Vishesha Deeksha, initiates are encouraged to embrace certain practices to deepen their spiritual journey:

  • Perform daily puja (worship) for the Guru (Paduka) and Shiva (Atma Linga) without fail.
  • Adopt a vegetarian lifestyle, abstaining from consuming non-vegetarian foods such as meat, fish, and eggs.
  • Refrain from engaging in acts of himsa (violence) towards all Jivas (living beings), including oneself.
  • Dedicate 20 to 30 minutes daily to offer puja to Paramashiva and the Guru, a small investment for immense spiritual returns.
  • In case of illness or travel, if you miss a day of puja, you have the option, as given by Paramashiva, to perform it twice the next day—once for the missed day and once for the current day.

These practices are rituals and steps towards a more conscious and enlightened way of living, guided by HE SPH BHAGAVAN SRI NITHYANANDA PARAMASHIVAM.

After receiving Vishesha Deeksha, initiates are encouraged to follow a vegetarian diet, which includes:

  • Abstaining from animal meat, fish, eggs, and mushrooms.
  • As per the Agamas, there are no restrictions on vegetarian foods, including onions, garlic, and dairy products.

There is no specific mention regarding smoking or drinking in relation to Vishesha Deeksha, so these are not explicitly restricted. However, a lifestyle that supports spiritual growth and health is encouraged.

In case you accidentally consume food containing egg or mushroom, it is advised to immediately consume Haritaki powder to help flush these substances from your system and detoxify your body as swiftly as possible.

Upon initiation into Vishesha Deeksha, disciples are guided to respect and honor the spiritual path with the following dos and don’ts:

  • Do Not Disrespect: Initiates must never disrespect Lord Paramashiva, the ultimate source of the cosmos, the sacred Shastras revealed by Him, the Guru (Acharya), and fellow Shaiva Sadhakas (seekers).
  • Avoid Certain Actions: One should not walk over the shadow of the Shiva Linga, as it is considered disrespectful to the divine presence of Lord Shiva.
  • Food Offerings: Do not consume the food offered to Chandikeshwara, the accountant of KAILASA, and do not cross over garlands offered to him, respecting the sanctity of offerings.
  • Respect Fellow Devotees: Initiates should not speak ill of anyone who has received Shiva Deeksha, fostering a supportive and respectful spiritual community.
  • Lifelong Devotion: From initiation until the end of one’s life, one should diligently perform puja to Shiva, Agni (fire deity), and Acharya (teacher) as a sign of unwavering devotion and adherence to the spiritual path.

These guidelines help maintain the sanctity and integrity of the spiritual journey, ensuring a respectful and devout practice.

Yes, Paramashiva has provided certain exemptions to the strict adherence to the Vishesha Deeksha guidelines for specific groups of individuals. These exemptions apply to:

  • Children: Those who are initiated into Yajnopavita (the sacred thread ceremony) and are below the age of sixteen.
  • The Unaware: Individuals who may not fully understand or be aware of these guidelines due to ignorance.
  • Elderly People: Older individuals who might find strict adherence challenging.
  • Women: Specific exemptions are given to women, acknowledging their unique spiritual and societal roles.
  • Kings and Leaders: Rulers and leaders have certain exemptions due to their governing responsibilities.
  • The Ill: Those who are sick and may not physically be able to follow all practices.

These individuals are encouraged to follow the guidelines as much as possible within their capacity. The exemptions are provided to ensure that the spiritual journey is inclusive, compassionate, and adaptable to the diverse needs of all devotees.

Pratyaksha Pada Puja Book

Pratyaksha Pada Puja, a profound ritual to unite with the Guru, embodies Cosmic Consciousness. Vishesha Deeksha initiates must conduct daily worship of the Guru (Paduka) and Shiva (Atma Linga) to maintain this sacred connection.

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