Shiva Deeksha

Start your spiritual journey with the sacred initiation into oneness with Paramashiva and awaken your divine potential.
Date: 17 Mar 2024

Shiva Deeksha

Start your spiritual journey with the sacred initiation into oneness with Paramashiva and awaken your divine potential.

Introduction to Shiva Deeksha

Shiva Deeksha, also known as Samaya Deeksha, marks the foundational initiation into the spiritual journey within Hinduism, specifically into the path of living and experiencing the profound truths revealed by Paramashiva. It is the gateway for seekers, disciples, and devotees to embrace the Vedic lifestyle and principles ordained in the Shaiva Agamas. This initiation is the first step towards recognizing and realizing one’s innate divinity and the oneness with Paramashiva, the ultimate consciousness.

During the Shiva Deeksha, individuals receive the sacred mantra, symbolizing the transformation of their identity from the mundane to the divine. This sacred process is facilitated by an enlightened master or Guru, who, through the initiation, awakens the Kundalini Shakti within the participant.

When you receive the initiation from The SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam, he bolts the mantra into your bio-energy. So, whatever work you do, the mantra japa vibrates in your throat. When the mantra happens continuously, Paramashiva’s remembrance, bliss, knowledge, and power pour and grow in your life as Shakti, Power.

This Shakti awakens the DNA of your Gotra, your family/community. Whatever community you are born into, that unique DNA is awakened. By this awakening, the knowledge, clarity, completion, and fulfillment start expressing. The preliminary level of deeksha is called Samaya Deeksha.

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Shiva Deeksha - Initiation Into Understanding You Are Paramashiva

Siva Deeksha is all about shifting the way you function from powerless cognitions to powerful cognitions, that’s all. Siva Deeksha is the way to shift you from functioning from powerless cognitions space to powerful cognitions space.

Our inner space is like a software which decides how your life will be. That’s the first understanding. Second, if that inner space is filled with powerless cognitions and wrong ideas about yourself, the world, and God, it can be more and more suffocating, making your life difficult.  And, if you can start building the content of your inner space powerfully and start functioning from powerful cognitions, truths, and understandings about you, world, and life – you can become enlightened, manifest powers and all possibilities. Shiva Deeksha is giving you that shift – making your inner software function from powerful cognition.

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