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Unclutching® is the Ultimate Spiritual Truth! This process, Unclutching®, can directly upgrade your very consciousness!


Unclutching® is the Ultimate Spiritual Truth! This process, Unclutching®, can directly upgrade your very consciousness!

Introduction to Unclutching

“Unclutching – Being Unclutched” means a state where we are not transferring the stress and load created by one thought to the other thought and carrying that load constantly. Usually, we transfer the load and the stress we create by one thought to another thought. When we are constantly transferring those emotions to the next thought, our inner space becomes insensitive, loaded with so much of emotions it naturally sinks into depression, restlessness, boredom – all the negative emotions. Unclutching is not connecting one thought and the other thought and carrying the same stress and emotions.

Benefits of Unclutching Meditation Technique

Unclutching is a powerful, self-sufficient guide to enlightenment, designed to elevate your consciousness. It not only changes how you perceive reality but also transforms reality itself.

Unclutching is an incredibly potent process that reaches the source from which both the perceiver and the perceived emerge. It stands as the ultimate meditation technique.

As your consciousness rises, you naturally become the leader of your life, embodying divinity for yourself—you become Ishvara in your life.

Unclutching® Initiation - Story of Arunagiri Yogishwara

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This amazing Unclutching® initiation, given to the Inner Awakening program participants, is now available for everyone’s benefit. It serves as a narrative on the making of an Avatar and aids in understanding who Swamiji truly is, while also initiating participants into Unclutching®.

During a session of the Inner Awakening program, THE SPH BHAGAVAN SRI NITHYANANDA PARAMASHIVAM shares his experiences with his own Guru, Arunagiri Yogishwara. He recounts several incidents from his teenage years, such as learning the sacred secrets of the Vedic Tradition, the time he spent with Arunagiri Yogishwara, and how he discovered oneness (advaita) with his Guru. Through this leela, THE SPH initiates all participants into Unclutching®.

Guided Unclutching® Meditation Technique

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  1. Sit and write down all your pain incidents and patterns – physical pains, mental pains, emotional pains, psychological pains.
  2. Then, relive them in your inner space with your eyes closed – at least five times.
  3. Relive and relieve them with a mirror – at least five times.
  4. Sit with another person and share. Share at least five times. You need to see each other to do this. If you do this online, do it via Skype, Hangouts, etc.
  5. Listen to at least five people’s stories to help them through their pain.

Learn about Unclutching®

Be Unclutched – Volume One

Be Unclutched – Volume Two

Understand The Powers Of Unclutching®!

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