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KAILASA's Maheshwara Puja

Offer Maheshwara Puja for peace and spiritual healing of departed souls and to bring completion to loved ones.

25 March 2024

KAILASA's Maheshwara Puja

Offer Maheshwara Puja for peace and spiritual healing of departed souls and to bring completion to loved ones.

What is Maheshwara Puja?

Maheshwara Puja is the offering of Bhiksha, food to the Avatar, and His monastic disciples, Sannyasis and Brahmacharis, in the path of Sannyas. In this puja, the Sannyasis are treated as Lord Shiva Himself and are offered Bhiksha and fed.

Tradition says offering food to the Avatar equals feeding ten thousand hungry. The best place on Planet Earth to give “pinda tharpana” (food for the departed souls, completion with living and those who left the body) is the stomach of a sannyasi.

The Hindu scriptures say that the son must serve his parents both when they are alive and after they have passed away by performing the Śrāddha to liberate the departed souls. The Garuda Purana, Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Vayu Purana, Agni Purana, Matsya Purana, and Markandeya Purana all mention the importance of these rites.

Where to Offer Śrāddha?

Hindu scriptures mention three places for offering Śrāddha to bring completion with the departed soul.

feet of the sph

Lord Vishnu's Feet in
Bodh Gaya

The place is well-known for the energy of Pinda Śrāddha and for completion with the departed souls.

lord shiva picture

Mansarovar near Kailasa,
in the Himalayas

Offering Śrāddha here aids in achieving completion at the bio-memory level, enriching spiritual connectivity.


Lord Kalabhairava in Badrikashram

Here, Lord Kalabhairava personally accepts Pinda Śrāddha, using Brahma Kapala, and offers it to Lord Vishnu.

The Avatar is all three – Brahma’s Kapala, Kalabhairava’s body, and Vishnu’s feet. No matter how many births the soul would have taken after leaving the body and no matter if the soul has met the Avatar or not in life, the Avatar can intervene and make His presence available in the departed soul’s life and lead them to Enlightenment.

Upcoming Maheshwara Puja dates

Puja NameDate
Meena Maasa Purnima - Maheshwara Puja25 Mar 2024
Meena Masa Amavasya08 Apr 2024
Chaitra Masa Purnima23 Apr 2024

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Frequently Asked


To offer Maheshwara Puja, you need the photograph of the departed or the astrological chart of the departed (time, date of birth, place of birth). Please AVOID photographs of people who are still alive, including group photographs. Remember, the ritual is conducted by KAILASA on your behalf to liberate both you and the departed soul from any unfulfilled commitments. If you would like to bring completion with other family members or friends, please write to KAILASA at to receive information about services that best support you.

Yes, Maheshwara Puja can bring the departed soul to rest in peace. If you have any close family or friends who have committed suicide, Maheshwara Puja will greatly help the soul on its journey.

In the Vedic tradition, rituals such as Shraadha and Pinda Tarpana are prevalent for offering prayers to the departed. These rituals aim to bring completion to you, helping you heal from any pain or suffering due to the departure of a loved one. Maheshwara Puja offers completion for both you and the departed soul, ensuring their next journey is free of karmic baggage. Maheshwara Puja can only be conducted in the presence of an Avatar who can connect to the departed soul in the cosmos. Ensuring a smooth and blessed next birth for our loved ones is the best we can do.

Yes, KAILASA accepts requests to conduct Maheshwara Puja for individuals. Please note, it is offered for you only; KAILASA cannot conduct Maheshwara Puja for your family or friends who are alive.

Maheshwara Puja primarily benefits the departed soul, but it also helps complete the unfinished components they left in you. For example, if someone’s father has passed away, he may have already reincarnated if he died a natural death. However, the incompletions he left with you might still be affecting him in his new life. When these parts are completed through Maheshwara Puja, he can find peace from those patterns.

Offering Pinda Tarpana through an incarnation is significant because an incarnation embodies the space of eternal completion—physically, mentally, and spiritually. By offering Pinda through him, Maheshwara Puja effectively completes your obligations to your ancestors (Pitrus) because, for those moments, he directly represents the Pitrus.

It’s important to understand that all rites, celebrations, and prayers you perform are not directly for the soul but for your own completion with that soul. You carry many incompletions with the being who left. Thus, it’s essential to repeatedly seek completion with that being. The incompletions carried with your parents, known as Pitru Dosha, require addressing. Even though the departed takes another body immediately, your offerings—Shraadha, Pinda Tarpana—may not reach them directly, but they serve to complete you.

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