Mahashivaratri – Why Stay Awake on this Night?

SPH Presidential Address

Not sleeping this night is considered a great spiritual practice. Why not sleeping is regarded as a spiritual practice? This is a technique to stabilize your mind. Usually, your mind listens to your body’s comforts, and in the recorded routine, not sleeping means you need to say ‘no’ to your mind. How many times do […]

Shivaratri: A Night to Awaken Your Inner Space

This Shiva Ratri, My message is only one word: Inner Awakening. Awaken your inner space; the tremendous potential energy that is inside you – awaken that. That is what we call in tradition, Kundalini. Awakening that higher consciousness. Our inner space is filled with darkness. That is why you don’t know what is happening there. […]

Connect With Paramaśiva and Manifest the Ultimate in Your Being

Shivaratri Bhasma Abhishekam

As a living manifestation of Paramaśiva, I bless you all on this auspicious Mahāparamaśivarātri. Paramaśiva’s direct message from MahāKailāsa on this auspicious Mahāparamaśivarātri: Blessings. Blessings. Blessings. Let all the auspiciousness land on this universe when the avyakta unmanifest become manifest, when the formless manifested into form, the timeless manifested into time, nameless manifested… manifested into […]

Mahashivaratri: Timeless Beginnings

This Shivaratri is observed and celebrated to celebrate My manifestation from Nishkala Svarupa and everything that exists. From My pure formlessness, unclutched Nishkala Svarupa space, I manifested and continue to manifest everything that exists. From that space, I manifested as everything that exists: Nirvikalpa, Niranjana, Nirakara, and Nishkala Svarupa. This manifestation is the Lingodbhava in […]

Maha Shivaratri 2010 Message: Radiate Shiva Consciousness!

I welcome you all with My love and respect. Shivaratri: Shivaratri, is the time when timelessness penetrates time. Timelessness descends into the time zone. Space descends into the place zone. Brahmanda descends into the pindanda. Macrocosm descends into the microcosm. It is a time when nature cooperates, supports, and helps you experience a higher consciousness. […]

Qualities of Shiva: Shivaratri Message 2011


Today, we observe Shivaratri. We celebrate Shivaratri. I’ll express a few truths about Shiva – Mahadeva. Shiva – the very word means eternal auspiciousness; auspiciousness without reason or cause. When something exists without any cause or reason, it is eternal. You need to understand it is eternal. Even if you look at the extraordinary qualities […]