Mahashivaratri: Timeless Beginnings

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This Shivaratri is observed and celebrated to celebrate My manifestation from Nishkala Svarupa and everything that exists. From My pure formlessness, unclutched Nishkala Svarupa space, I manifested and continue to manifest everything that exists. From that space, I manifested as everything that exists: Nirvikalpa, Niranjana, Nirakara, and Nishkala Svarupa. This manifestation is the Lingodbhava in Arunachala. This is the day again and again I am intensely available for every one of you to experience the State of Paramashiva.

Shivaratri, Mahashivaratri, this is when I manifested from timelessness into time. So this is the beginning of time. This is the beginning of the form. From My formlessness, I manifested as form. From My timelessness, I manifested as time. So, this is the beginning of everything that exists. My creation aspect – Srishti – is the manifestation aspect. My maintenance dimension – Sthiti – is the sustenance dimension of this whole Universe. And My rejuvenation dimension – destruction or rejuvenation dimension. This destruction and rejuvenation continuously happen in everything, in everyone. That is the way life functions. All your great transformation occurs when you understand this destruction and rejuvenation is the best form of existence.

Many times, due to your delusion, you make wrong decisions. You accumulate bad things that you don’t need. You get the wrong qualities which you don’t need. You earn the wrong people you don’t need. You accumulate the wrong contract you don’t need to maintain. For your manifestation of the ultimate reality, you get many things that you don’t need.

Through My power of destruction and rejuvenation, I continuously liberate you. I always facilitate your liberation. You often accumulate relationships with wrong contracts, understandings, and destructive mental patterns; I intervene at those moments through My rejuvenation and destruction power. I liberate you all from unnecessarily accumulated desires, unnecessarily accumulated relationships, unnecessarily accumulated contracts, and unnecessarily accumulated diseases in the body and the mind.

Anything you accumulate that is not necessary for your ultimate manifestation of Paramashiva, I use the power of rejuvenation and destruction to liberate all of you. So never be afraid of My rejuvenation power, My destruction power. Start celebrating, cherishing, enjoying even My destruction, My rejuvenation power.

The fourth dimension of Me is putting into delusion and pulling out of delusion. When you often can’t handle reality as it is, when you are not ready to be in that highest awareness space, some things are kept out of your sight to reduce the stress for you, to give you space to cope with reality. So, My power of rejuvenation and My power to put you into delusion and liberate – both work hand in hand.

When you are not ready to go through the transformation you need to go through, when some parts of you need to be purified, when you need to be clarified, when vital, unavoidable surgeries need to be performed on you to remove the cancerous tumors which you accumulated, and when you are not able to handle the pain of the surgery – Trobhava – delusion is used to make you forget the surgery happening. Once the surgery is done, you are free. You are pulled out of delusion.

My extreme compassion is all my destruction power and rejuvenation power – Samhara power and Trobhava – putting into delusion and pulling out of delusion. All these happen due to My extreme compassion.
Then, the fifth dimension of Me is liberation. I am liberating you and manifesting Me in you fully, forever. Srishti – creation. Sthiti – maintenance. Samhara – destruction and rejuvenation. And Trobhava – putting into delusion or pulling out of delusion. And Anugraha – liberation. I do all these five as this Universe, in this Universe, for this Universe.

In each dimension of Me – Srishti, Sthiti, Samhara, Trobhava, Anugraha – creation, maintenance, rejuvenation and destruction, delusion and pulling out of delusion, and liberation, I play in all these five dimensions. Inside the creation, I create creation space, sustain the creation space, and rejuvenate the creation’s space. I put the creation’s space into delusion and pull it out, and I liberate the creation space.


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