Global Perspectives: The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism’s Presidential Address during KAILASA’s Diwali Celebrations

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November 11, 2023 – Global Perspectives: The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism’s Presidential Address during KAILASA’s Diwali Celebrations

On this auspicious day of Deepavali 2023, KAILASA’s global temples, embassies, and other entities worldwide gathered to celebrate this ancient festival. Diwali symbolizes Enlightenment, the awakening of the fire of Knowledge. From time immemorial, Hindus have honored Diwali with a multitude of rituals and offerings, lighting millions of lamps across the world.

The highlight of the day was the presidential address by the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism (SPH), who addressed the global Hindu community in the presence of many of KAILASA’s partners and numerous guests of honor from various nations. The presidential was broadcast on 534 social media platforms and web televisions worldwide, reaching a global audience.

The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism sheds light on the global challenges faced by humanity today, focusing on six specific topics.

  1. Qualities of a potential world leader – war and peace;
  2. The ‘missing’ law for the evolution of everything in the universe;
  3. Why Hindus all over the world have celebrated Diwali for thousands of years;
  4. How to get our youth out of hyperfixation;
  5. Advaitic workaholism does not lead to toxic productivity;
  6. Build KAILASA inside and outside.

The SPH urgently emphasized the need for non-violent conflict resolution in today’s era overshadowed by the threat of mass nuclear weapons. Stressing potential catastrophic consequences, he underscored the importance for world leaders to abstain from violence and actively engage in conflict resolution for global peace.

Toxic productivity, a byproduct of generating unnecessary elements to appease world leaders’ egos, contributes to the planet’s degradation and adverse effects on human well-being. The SPH urged a reconsideration of production practices for the well-being of both the planet and its inhabitants.

The prevailing global negativity, exacerbated by war, toxic productivity, and the chronic capitalist lifestyle, disproportionately affects younger generations. Mental disorders, especially hyperfixation, rise due to relentless expectations, eroding inner peace and connection with Consciousness.

To address these challenges, the SPH delved into modern science, unveiling Consciousness as the missing element in the law of evolution, potentially opening new possibilities.

Beyond a festival, Diwali is a cosmic rejuvenation, a day when cosmic energies manifest to dispel collective negativity. Hindus globally gather to celebrate, promoting values of peace and inclusivity.

In the face of these challenges, KAILASA actively engages in providing solutions and diplomatic alternatives for global peace, while offering opportunities to lift the youth out of challenges, aligning with its commitment to a brighter future for all.

Press Contact: Press Office of the Holy See of Hinduism


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