Jeyanthinagar, Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka: 2,000 meals served at the Mahadeva Swamikal Children’s Home

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Continuing with the donations drive, as part of the Ishanya Project, KAILASA’s Nithyananda Meditation Academy center in Toronto, Canada have donated some 2,000 meals, over a span of 3 days, at the Mahadeva Swamikal Children’s Home in Jeyanthinagar, Kililnochchi, Sri LanKa.

Sri Lanka is currently experiencing an on-going economic crisis of massive proportions, the greatest crisis the island state has experienced since attaining its independence back in 1948. The current crises is making it difficult for children’s homes and other similar social organizations and projects to get the funding required for food and clothing.

The 2,000 meals were well received and greatly appreciated, and we warmly thank the Nithyananda Meditation Academy center of Toronto, Canada for their generous donations and on-going support for the Ishanya Project.


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