Unlocking Cosmic Energy: The Science of Sri Vidya Puja

pacchai pattini vrathma

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The Sri Yantra, or Sri Chakra, is our very human body. Inside of us, we have forty-three energies. Inside the Sri Chakra, you will see forty-three triangles It looks very complex if you look superficially. But if you study you will see it is a very simple diagram. Forty-three triangles are there.

Energy to breathe, energy to exhale, energy to get anger, energy for lust, energy to see; all these things are energy. If you integrate all the forty-three energies to one point, you are enlightened. You are connected to cosmic energy.

Sri Vidya Puja is nothing but invoking the forty-three energies that reside inside our yantra, our body. When we perform the Sri Vidya Puja we ask the forty-three energies inside of us, ‘please express yourself in your full form in this very body.’

When they start opening up, when they are completely integrated, you will become Devi. You will become the Cosmic Mother. You are connected to cosmic energy. That is the science of Sri Vidya worship. That is the science of Sri Vidya.

The Sri Yantra, the artwork, is the expression of enlightenment. It’s the expression of the very inner space of Paramashiva.

If you meditate, contemplate, and concentrate on it, you will achieve the same inner space. Anybody who concentrates on the yanta that is expressed by an enlightened being will experience the same enlightenment experience, the same inner space of Paramashiva Himself!

The Sri Vidya Puja is an opportunity for us to recharge our Atma Linga by offering it the Sri Vidya Puja. With a special initiation from THE SPH BHAGAVAN SRI NITHYANANDA PARAMASHIVAM, we can manifest the next-level powers with the Atma Linga. We can learn the powerful cognitions from the Sri Vidya Puja, as revealed in modern language by THE SPH himself.

Gain Access to Special Sri Vidya Puja Sessions, where you will

1) Learn the Kriyas and the Mantras of The Sri Vidya Puja

2) Entangle with Power Manifestors to manifest the Powers we are initiated to by THE SPH.

3) Learn the Powerful Cognitions and discuss how to live by the Truth About Sri Vidya revived by THE SPH.


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