KAILASA Concludes Ninth Day of Navaratri and Fourth Day of Durga Puja Celebrations

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October 23, 2023 -KAILASA Concludes Ninth Day of Navaratri and Fourth Day of Durga Puja Celebrations

KAILASA marked the culmination of the ninth day of the auspicious Navaratri festival and the fourth day of the grand Durga Puja celebrations.

The day witnessed an array of sacred rituals conducted in accordance to the ancient scriptures of Hinduism, including the Rajarajeshwari abhishekam, the Chandi Homa, with the chanting of the Chandi parayanam, and the concluding Alankara Deeparathana to the presiding deities of those festivities – Devi Sri Rajarajeshwari and Bhagavan Sri Venkateshwara swami, along with the pantheon of deities of the Durga Puja presided by Devi Chandika Parameshwari.

Another grand Pratyaksha Pada Puja was offered at the feet of the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism by devotees from across the globe and Paramashivoham delegates, expressing their gratitude for the transformation they experienced and the multitude of blessings they received.

On this day, the fourth day of the Durga Puja was honored through the performance of tradition rituals, invoking the divine feminine conciousness to imbibe its qualities and strength.

The traditional observance of these sacred festivals has long served as a means of spreading conscious values and fostering harmony within society, helping human beings to raise to higher consciousness.

Press Contact: Press Office of the Holy See of Hinduism

Email: contact@kailaasa.org

For More Information on KAILASA’s Navaratri celebrations: events.kailaasa.org/navaratri


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