KAILASA Expands Its Diplomatic Network in Africa & South Asia

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October 26, 2023 – KAILASA Expands Its Diplomatic Network in Africa

KAILASA is pleased to announce the signing of new treaties on the African continent with three more countries, and another in the South Asian sub-continent. This new milestone adds to KAILASA’s growing diplomatic network and forebodes promising accomplishments in the future.

  1. The United States of KAILASA and the dynamic Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) represented by the FLY’s Vice President for Foreign Affairs and the esteemed Secretary General, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish a partnership aimed at uplifting and empowering the youth of the Republic of Liberia.
  1. The United States of KAILASA and the David Mogoma Foundation, a passionate and innovative Women Non-Governmental Organization in Botswana have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), joining forces to promote unity and gender equality, with a specific focus on empowering women in Botswana.
  1. The Dowa West Constituency of the Republic of Malawi represented by Member of Parliament, Hon. Dr. Ephraim Abel Kayembe, PhD, and the United States of KAILASA, entered into a bilateral agreement emphasizing their similar values on culture, religious freedom, eradication of hunger, youth empowerment, holistic health and education.
  1. The World Hindu Federation, Bangladesh Chapter, represented by Secretary-General, Mr. Dipan Mishra, and the United States of KAILASA, have signed an agreement focusing on reviving Hinduism and dispelling myths and stereotypes about Hindu tradition. Both parties will collaborate from now onwards, to establish the spiritual, religious, scientific, social, cultural, historical, economical, legal, and political legitimacy of Hinduism.

KAILASA extends its gratitude and best wishes to all its partners and associates, wishing them continued success in their endeavors.

Press Contact: Press Office of the Holy See of Hinduism

Email: contact@kailaasa.org


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