KAILASA’s recommendations on COVID-19 and multilateralism to be presented at the UN General Assembly and Human Rights Council

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KAILASA’s report and recommendations on an international treaty on COVID got accepted and published by the United Nations.

Surviving the highly contagious COVID-19 where the world is only as resilient as the least resilient country and person requires true multilateralism – governments, organizations, and people to collectively address the crisis.

KAILASA has been successfully providing grassroots solid solutions in multifarious ways including:

  • Providing sustainable community livings with multi-layered quarantine
  • Educating citizens on individual pandemic management
  • Leveraging best of different economic systems based on charity, barter, and money
  • Providing food security and traditional Hindu medicines.

These unique contributions have been recognized by the United Nations.


Read the report here: https://www.ohchr.org/Documents/Issues/IntOrder/Multilateralism/AdiShaiviteMinorityTradition.pdf


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