Secrets of the Third Eye – 6

The more you use the Consciousness, the more you become the Consciousness. More you become the Consciousness, the more you use Consciousness. 

Secrets of the Third Eye – 5

I am not demonstrating this, super powers, extraordinary powers as My glory. I am demonstrating all this as a possibility for you.

Secrets of the Third Eye – 4

Building your identity based on less wrong, misguided information is ego. Continuing to carry on with the same ego is arrogance. This two blocks your third eye.

Secrets of the Third Eye – 3

Your decision to carry on with your life with the small pieces of information and your false identity built with the small information given to you about you is arrogance and ego.

Secrets of the Third Eye

When your third eye is awakened, you can see everything from the higher plane. So you will be in tune with the reality. 

Third Eye Awakening – 1

Awakening the third eye makes you immediately experience God. I can say God minus third eye is man, and man plus third eye is God.

Paradox of Freedom – 1

During the Implosions or Explosions, how you hold you, the methodology with which you are handling yourself, this whole cognition is Swatantra.

Be Your Own Boss – 7

When you start feeling responsible, it is not that only you are awakened to the external world, you are awakened even to the internal happenings