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KAILASA's Rudraksha

Empower yourself with Rudraksha, the true bio-jewellery which is one of the most sacred manifestations of Paramashiva.

KAILASA's Rudraksha

Empower yourself with Rudraksha, the true bio-jewellery which is one of the most sacred manifestations of Paramashiva

The Spiritual Significance of Wearing Rudraksha

Originating from Lord Paramashiva’s tears of compassion, Rudraksha beads are sacred, embodying Paramashiva’s essence. Wearing Rudraksha promotes mental stability, focus, and spiritual connection, aiding meditation and daily activities. It offers profound benefits: destroying sins, enhancing life energy, and providing anti-aging effects. Rudraksha’s electrical and magnetic properties further augment its spiritual power, making it invaluable for holistic well-being and spiritual growth.

The power of Rudraksha extends beyond spiritual elevation; it encompasses mental and physical benefits. Wearing Rudraksha aids in achieving tranquility and concentration, crucial for meditation and managing daily stresses. Its electrical and magnetic properties are known to have healing effects, promoting overall well-being. The beads’ anti-aging benefits and ability to rejuvenate mind, body, and soul further underscore their significance in enhancing life quality.

Rudraksha’s significance is also highlighted in ancient texts, emphasizing its capacity to destroy sins and increase spiritual merit. It is considered the true bio-jewellery, embodying the essence of Paramashiva. By wearing Rudraksha, one adorns not just a bead but a sacred tool that empowers, protects, and aids in the journey towards eternal completion and liberation.

How to receive Rudraksha?

Shiva dīkṣā, the preliminary level dīkṣā, is the sacred initiation into the state of Paramashivoham, which manifests and radiates all the powers of Paramashiva. During this initiation, you are given rudraksha kantha mala.

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Benefits And Procedure Of Wearing Rudraksha

This Hindu Compliance System describes the fundamental concepts and principles of quality for making a piece of rudraksha jewelry and the importance of wearing rudraksha jewelry, which is commonly followed for all the śaiva sampradāya

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Frequently Asked


One should wear one Rudraksha at the crown of the head, thirty on the head, thirty-two on the neck, and sixteen on each arm. Twelve Rudrakshas should be worn on the wrist and five hundred on the shoulders. The garland of Rudraksha for mantra recitation should consist of one hundred and eight beads. Click here for more details.

Yes, Hindu scriptures provide detailed guidelines. Here are a few:

  • Garlands of three, five, or seven lines of Rudrakshas should be worn while uttering the Pañcabrahma hymn and the Śadanga hymn, or all the Rudrakshas may be worn using the original hymn, i.e., the five-syllable (namah shivaya).
  • A learned devotee should wear the Rudraksha on the head while reciting the Īśāna hymn, on the neck by the Tatpurusha hymn, and on the arms by the Aghora hymn; a garland consisting of fifty beads should be worn around the belly while reciting the Vyomvyāpi hymn. Click Here for more details.

One who wears Rudraksha with pearl, coral, crystal, silver, lapis lazuli (cat’s eye), and gold, undoubtedly attains the nature of Rudra. If one wears only Rudraksha, embodying the essence of all gems without combining it with any precious stones such as pearls, etc., sin cannot touch him, just as darkness cannot exist before the sun.

Source: Chandrajnana Agama

A Rudraksha of the size of an embolic myrobalan is considered the best. Learned people consider a Rudraksha of the size of the fruit of jujube to be of medium quality and one of the size of a horse grain to be lower quality. O Brhaspati, I know this for sure.

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The result of a glimpse of Rudraksha is a million times more beneficial than donating a cow with the calf to a learned Brahmin who observes the tenets of the scriptures. A touch of Rudraksha produces billions more results, and wearing Rudraksha is considered a hundred billion times more virtuous for the individual. Devotees who recite mantras while wearing Rudrakshas are regarded as endowed with hundreds of millions of times and thousands of millions of times virtues.

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Yes, there are specific instructions for wearing Rudrakshas of different faces.

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