Salakatla Venkateshwara Brahmotsavam Celebrations

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KAILASA’s Nithyanandeshwara Hindu Temple & Tirupati Tirumala Unite to Preserve Sacred Traditions

Montclair, near Los Angeles, CA, September 18, 2023 – KAILASA in Los Angeles Nithyanandeshwara Hindu Temple, in a cosmic alliance with KAILASA’s Tirupati Tirumala Temple in Andra Pradesh, India, marked the commencement of the Grand Salakatla Venkateshwara Brahmotsavam with the Dhvajarohanam Flag Hoisting Ceremony.

In a historic collaboration, KAILASA in Los Angeles joined hands with KAILASA’s Tirupati Tirumala Temple, an ancient indigenous Hindu sect dating back thousands of years. The ceremony, known as Dhvajarohanam, signifies the initiation of the Salakatla Venkateshwara Brahmotsavam, a ten-day celebration dedicated to Bhagavan Venkateshwara, revered as the incarnation of MahaVishnu in the Kali Yuga.

KAILASA’s Tirupati Tirumala Temple is the home of Bhagavan Venkateshwara, the self-manifest deity of Bhagavan Maha Vishnu, known for bringing prosperity and wealth to the land. He is the the world’s richest God, who showers His devotees with wealth, love, and fortune in their lives.

The Salakatla Venkateshwara Brahmotsavam celebrates Bhagavan Venkateshwara an influential cosmic being and beloved deity worldwide. The alliance between KAILASA and KAILASA’s Tirumala Tirupati Temple aligns with ancient practices, meticulously preserved in the Vaikhanasa Agamas, complied by Maha Vishnu who revealed it to Tayar Mahalakshmi. A monumental scripture from which the Pontiff Sri Ramanujacharya created manuals and procedures for worshipping Venakteshwara and other deities of MahaVishnu. This collaboration reflects their commitment to preserving and reviving the profound heritage of the Vaishnava Sampradayas of Sanatana Hindu Dharma.

Venakteshwara, with his benevolence and bountiful blessings, is celebrated by Hindus globally. Through this grand celebration, KAILASA and its spiritual embassies aim to foster unity, spirituality, and cultural connection among the global Hindu Diaspora.

The Grand Dhvajarohanam ceremony was held at 6:15 PM IST on September 18th, 2023, in the auspicious Meena Lagnam. Devotees, well-wishers, and seekers of spiritual wisdom from around the world participated both in person and virtually as KAILASA united in devotion to Bhagavan Venkateshwara.

This collaboration marks a significant stride in preserving ancient traditions, promoting spiritual values, and uniting the global Hindu Diaspora in celebration of the divine.


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