The United States of KAILASA Enters into Bilateral Relations with cities of the Republic of Paraguay

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November 03, 2023 – The United States of KAILASA and Enters into Bilateral Relations with cities of the Republic of Paraguay,

The United States of Kailasa, the ancient Enlightenment Hindu Civilizational Nation and the First Sovereign State for Hindus continues to expand its global diplomatic network with the signing of new sister-city agreements in Paraguay.

KAILASA and the municipalities of Maria Antonia and Karapai, Republic of Paraguay, have entered into sister-city agreements.

These new partnerships are established on shared values of cultural understanding, religious freedom, and the promotion of human rights, with a particular focus on eradicating hunger, fostering youth leadership, and advancing holistic health and education initiatives.

KAILASA thanks the municipalities of Maria Antonia and Karapai for their trust and commitment and extends its warmest wishes for the future prosperity and growth of the Maria Antonia and Karapai regions.

Press Contact: Press Office of the Holy See of Hinduism



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