Recipe for Vratham

KALASA's Pacchai
Pattini Vratham Recipe

Discover sacred recipes, prepared as per Agama Shastra and temple traditions, for your Vratham journey.

KALASA's Pacchai
Pattini Vratham Reipe

Discover sacred recipes, prepared as per Agama Shastra and temple traditions, for your Vratham journey.

Thullu Maavu (Ground Rice With Jaggery Powder)


  • Jaggery powder – ½ measure (or Kalkandu (unprocessed rock candy sugar) powder)
  • Raw Rice – 1 measure (see method below)
  • Cardamom – a pinch
  • Cow ghee – a small amount

Making the Rice Flour – Method:

  1. Soak raw rice in water for 30 – 45 minutes.
  2. Strain the water completely. Use a dry cotton cloth to drain the excess water fully.
  3. Grind into a fine powder. Do not sieve after grinding.


  1. Take one measure of the ground rice flour.
  2. Add ½ measure of jaggery powder.
  3. Add a pinch of cardamom.
  4. Add a small amount of cow ghee.
  5. Mix all these ingredients. Your Tullu Maavu is now ready.
Thullu Maavu



  • Jaggery – 150 gms
  • Water – 600 ml (three glasses)
  • Juice of three medium-sized lemons
  • A little cardamom (optional)


  1. Soak the jaggery in water (use drinking water only) until it completely dissolves.
  2. Filter the water to remove any particles.
  3. Add the lemon juice.

Note: While Panakam is refreshing at room temperature, it tastes even better when chilled.


Neer Moru (Buttermilk)


  • Cow milk curd – 1 cup
  • Water – 5 cups


  1. Beat the curd with water until it becomes a thin liquid. Your Neer Moru is ready.
neer more

Pasi Paruppu (Soaked Yellow Moong Dal)


  • Yellow moong dal – 50 gms
  • Water – just enough to cover the moong dal while soaking (2 inches above dal level)


  1. Soak the yellow moong dal in water for at least 30 minutes.
  2. To test readiness, ensure the moong dal is soft enough to consume.
  3. Strain the water. Add tender cucumber and lemon juice to the softened moong dal.

Frequently Asked


Devi Mahamari Amman observes this Vratham for 28 days. Accordingly, all participants are also required to observe this Vratham for the same duration of 28 days.

The Pacchai Pattini Vratham is specially designed to:

  • Spiritually heal our physical and psychological ailments,
  • Help clear out all toxins and blockages from our system,
  • Strengthen our immune system to fight off diseases effectively,
  • Relieve all our stress, anxiety, and mental tension,
  • Receive the blessings of the Goddess to stay protected from all diseases.
  • Begin your day by chanting the mantra, “Om Hreem Shreem Indraksheem Shreem Pem Swaha,” to invoke blessings from Goddess Mahamariamman.
  • Only consume food offered as Naivedyam to Devi Parashakti, which is consecrated and holds immense spiritual benefits.
  • Adhere to the Naivedyam timings for consumable items, and consult your doctor if necessary for health considerations.

For the Pacchai Pattini Vratham, the Naivedyam should consist of the following items:

  • Tullu Mavu: Ground rice flour mixed with jaggery powder.
  • Soaked Moong Dal: Pasi paruppu mixed with tender cucumber.
  • Panakam: Lemon juice mixed with jaggery water.
  • Neer Moru: Liquid buttermilk.
  • Sugarcane pieces.
  • Coconut water: Any variety of coconut water.
  • Fruits in meagre quantity: Limited to once daily.

Additionally, devotees who are observing any fast are permitted to drink water.

During the Pacchai Pattini Vratham, participants are encouraged to follow these daily lifestyle practices:

  • Have a bath (including hair wash) twice a day, in the morning and evening.
  • Avoid shaving any part of the body or cutting nails during this period.
  • Engage in continuous Ajapa Japa, Mahavakya chanting: “Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham.”
  • Sleep on the floor, using a pure woolen blanket (non-violent) both as a mattress and for covering.
  • Observe Brahmacharya (celibacy) for the duration of the Vratham.
  • 6 AM IST: Tullu Mavu made with Kalkandu (rock sugar) powder.
  • 8 AM IST: Sugarcane pieces and coconut water.
  • 12 PM IST:
    • Tullu Mavu made with jaggery powder.
    • Panakam (lemon juice with jaggery and cardamom only, no dry ginger).
    • Liquid Buttermilk / Neer Moru (churned curd mixed with water, no salt).
    • Soaked Moong Dal (Pasi Paruppu / split green gram with no husk) with lemon juice and tender cucumber, no added mustard tempering or salt.
  • 5 PM IST: Tullu Mavu with jaggery powder and fruits*.
  • 8 PM IST: Tullu Mavu made with jaggery powder.
  • 9 PM IST: Tullu Mavu made with Kalkandu powder.

Participants are encouraged to follow these timings closely to align with the spiritual practices of the Vratham.

For Naivedyam, offering bananas is preferred. According to the Kamika Agama, bananas are considered the best among fruits. The bananas should be offered to Devi at 5 PM daily.

Those observing the fast may consume locally available fresh fruits in meager quantities at this time, aligning with the principle of modest consumption during the Vratham.

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