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Maheshwara Puja is the oldest recorded ritual prevalent even today in the Vedic tradition. In the Maheshwara Puja, The SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam Himself receives the puja and the naivedyam Bhiksha – the food offering.

It is offered in the memory of a person who is no more—known to offer spiritual healing, completion, peace, and bliss not only to the departed soul but also to those associated with the soul. The loved ones of the deceased offer Maheshwara puja to bring intense completion.

Maheshwara Puja is performed for Intense Completion with anyone who has left their body and passed into their new life in a new body and new ambience but with the same incompletions from a Karmic level.  The SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam will be Himself performing this most sacred ritual of liberating the souls and giving them instant completion in their lives, wherever they may be! To experience a sudden shift and liberation and all Auspiciousness in their lives.

Completion means living and acting without any hangover of the past incidents, words, actions or memories. Not having a hangover does not mean that you will not remember your past at all. When you are in completion, you will remember past incidents and actions, but they will no longer have the power to cause pain or anger or guilt in you anymore.

Each human being has a duty to complete with:

  1. Pitrus (ancestors), Elders, & Parents who are alive
  2. Family deity & Family guru
  3. Nature which is around you, and
  4. Your Sadguru

Maheshwara Puja & Completion with departed soul

If somebody has left the body and you have some incompletions with them, for example, you did not give them food properly, but you took over their property after they died, you did not take care of them when they were alive, but you have inherited huge wealth after they left so if these or any other incompletions are there with you, only Maheshwara puja is the ritual that can bring completion.

During Maheshwara puja your request for completion is offered in the form of Bhiksha or food to the Avatar. Only the avatar can trace the departed soul in the cosmos and relieve both you and that “being” – departed soul of the incompletions. If it so happens that the departed soul has already taken the next birth, by offering Maheshwara puja, you will be relieving them of their karmas and suddenly the soul starts progressing in their journey, wherever he needs to progress. So the ritual is like completing the completions at both ends. It is the blessing of an incarnation when He sits and accepts the Maheshwara Puja.

Where to offer Maheshwara Puja?

In Badrikashram, Bodh Gaya, or in Mansarovar, if you offer the Shraaddha, it really does the completion in the level of bio-memory. The Avatar is said to be all three – Brahma’s Kapala, Kalabhairava’s body, and Vishnu’s feet.

Badrinath, in Badrikashram when you do Pinda Shraaddha, Bhagavan Kalabhairava Himself receives the Pinda holding Brahma Kapaala (Brahma’s skull) and offers it to Bhagavan Vishnu on our behalf.

Bodh Gaya in Gaya where Buddha became Enlightened, there is a huge beautiful Bhagavan Vishnu temple, where Bhagavan Vishnu’s feet are worshiped. The place is well-known for the energy of Pinda Shraaddha, for completion with the departed souls.

Proven through the test of time and through many past testimonies, the Maheshwara puja instantly bestows the performer with peace, completion and emotional relief to smoothly recover from the trauma of the loss of a loved one.

It can also be offered to oneself in aid of one’s journey of enlightenment by freeing oneself from the karmic baggage of lifetimes.

No matter how many births the soul would have taken after leaving the body and no matter if the soul has met the Avatar or not in life, the Avatar can intervene and make His presence available in the departed soul’s life and lead them to Enlightenment.

How does Maheshwara Puja work?

In the Maheshwara puja, The SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam, who is the embodiment of cosmic energy, personally receives the bhiksha or food offering. Using the ancient science behind the action of eating this special food, he liberates the departed soul. No matter how many births the person would have taken after leaving the body and no matter if the person has met the master or not in life, the master can intervene and make his presence available in the departed soul’s life and lead it to enlightenment.

Sannyasis have no other desire or intention but to get enlightened and get dissolved in the cosmos. So feeding them and offering puja to them brings about the same effect in the departed soul and helps them attain enlightenment and get merged with the cosmos.

The SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam says that if a person has committed suicide there is no other way for the liberation of the soul other than Maheshwara Puja. The SPH adds that He can help the departed soul only if a photograph of that person is provided (especially if the departed soul is not an initiated disciple of The SPH, for He has to trace the being in the whole Cosmos only with the tiny information of a small photo.

As per Hinduism, one morsel of rice offered and fed to an Enlightened Master liberates seven generations up and seven generations down the heredity of the Maheshwara Puja participant. Those many extraorsels of rice fed bestows that many kalpas (4.32 billion human years) of life in Kailasa (in the space of an Enlightened Master) to the participant.

Shraddha offering to Sannyasis

Maheshwara puja is the offering of food to the master along with his monastic disciples. offering food to the master is equal to feeding ten thousand hungry people.

The best place on planet earth to give “pinda tharpana” (food for the departed souls, completion with living and those who left the body) is the stomach of a sannyasi. That is, the jataraagni (digestive fire), the hunger fire of a sannyasi is the best fire into which you can offer the pinda tharpana. The shraaddha (ritual offering to departed souls), reaches the pithrus (departed ancestors) directly. It is thousand times greater than offering any “shraaddha”, any “pinda”, in any river, any water-body, any lake, any holy land, any holy place.

Maheshwara puja is the puja offered to sannyasis and brahmacharis in the path of sannyas. in this puja the sannyasis are treated as lord shiva himself and are offered bhiksha and fed.


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