Why One Must Offer Maheshwara Puja?

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The Hindu scriptures say that the son must serve his parents both when they are alive and after they have passed away by performing the Shradha to liberate the departed souls. The Garuda Purana, Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Vayu Purana, Agni Purana, Matsya Purana, and Markandeya Purana all mention the importance of these rites.

Whatever our elders have contributed to us stays within us, and its effect continues to prevail in us. Any Shradha, Tharpana, and offering given to our forefathers heal that part that remains in us, which we retain in our system. That part is healed and completed by giving Shradha to our forefathers and ancestors.

We are not one body where only one person is our owner; we are so many people! All our forefathers are present in us at some level. Little or more, they are all present in us. Completing all of them is very important. Completion with all of them is an essential requirement. Complete Completion with elders, ancestors, and forefathers leads to a peaceful being and restful awareness. Kind of an overpowering restful awareness; please understand, you all will understand overpowering restlessness, where no matter how much you try to be peaceful, you will be restless. If you compete with your ancestors and forefathers, an overpowering restful awareness will happen in you, a peacefulness. That’s a compelling life.

Tharpana is used to make one-of-a-kind offerings – uncooked rice and black sesame seeds mixed with water, and this is left by calling upon the ancestors along with their Nakshatra (star). This is a rite performed by men who have lost their fathers. Animals and birds, such as the crow, are allowed access to the food offerings because our ancestors appeared in various ways and partake of the offerings.

This overpowering restful awareness is such a beautiful space, such a sweet space, such a lovely space; in that overpowering restful awareness, only the celebration starts! That is why. First, we complete and achieve that overpowering restful awareness. Chandi, Maha Devi, Maha Energy happens to bless us all, and the whole celebration starts with Venkateshwara and Devi. Navaratri is one of the biggest festivals in Hindu tradition, and it starts with Completion with Forefathers.

In Thiruvannamalai, Mahadeva Himself does for one of His disciples, a devotee; it’s extraordinary; the king from Karnataka who built the central part of the temple asked Mahadeva the boon of a child, Mahadeva appears as a child and says, as per the Karma, you can’t have the kid forever, you can only enjoy my presence as a child for some time. Then the king asks, I wanted a child only to do my last rites. Mahadeva commits with him and says, I will do your last rites forever. Even now, Mahadeva goes through ritualistically for the Maharaja, so completion with forefathers, ancestors, parents, and grandparents is vital in Hindu tradition.

Benefits of Offering Maheshwara Puja

  1. You are offering Maheshwara Puja directly to the 1008th living incarnation of Paramashiva, The SPH Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam, and His Monastic Order.
  2. Help dissolve the ancestral karmic baggage and avail the merit (punya) of steering the next generations in your family towards living enlightenment (Jeevan Mukthi)
  3. Deliverance of the departed souls into The SPH as they will merge into Him with enlightenment.
  4. Help move departed souls to enlightenment even after death.
  5. Enrich, empower, and enlighten your relationship with yourself, your loved ones, people, the world, and god.
  6. Spiritual healing of relationships is a natural by-product of having offered Maheshwara Puja.

Maheshwara Puja is specially Designed to:

  1. Spiritually heal all deep-seated emotional wounds in relationships with your deceased relatives
  2. help clear all karmic baggage that doesn’t let you experience inner peace
  3. help the departed souls attain liberation
    help relieve restless souls from worldly attachment.
  4. Receive blessings for your liberation at the time of your demise.


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