The Celebration of Conscious Light

sph lighting mahadeepam

Paramashiva, this is an auspicious day. He shows how one becomes many through Bharani Deepam. And many become one again through Maha Deepam. Morning He becomes many, the great Big Bang and evening He becomes one. Understand, not Black Hole – Whole, w-h-o-l-e. Black Hole is not the end. Black Hole is not the climax […]

KAILASA’s karthigai Deepam Festival: 10 Days of Brahmotsavam

deepam festival celebration with sph

These ten days of Brahmotsavam, each day Shiva liberates. Shiva gives enlightenment to one one person. The whole ten-day festival is all about giving enlightenment to different people. On the first day, Adigaranandi Nandi receives enlightenment. The next day, Indra and Devathas receive enlightenment. That is why on the first day of the festival, Shiva […]

Significance of Karthigai Deepam Festival

deepam arthi on mahadeepam

On this auspicious day, Paramashiva appeared as Jyotirlinga, Lingodbhava in Arunachala. The place where this happened is Arunachala. And today is the day Paramashiva gives Parashakti, the internal space in himself, to become Ardhanarishvara. Beautiful, wonderful happenings happened on this day. Listen to the story. The story has too much significance. Listen. Brahma is the […]