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Paramashiva, this is an auspicious day. He shows how one becomes many through Bharani Deepam. And many become one again through Maha Deepam. Morning He becomes many, the great Big Bang and evening He becomes one. Understand, not Black Hole – Whole, w-h-o-l-e. Black Hole is not the end. Black Hole is not the climax of the Universe. Anugraha is the climax of the Universe: creation, maintenance, destruction, delusion, liberation. Liberation is the climax of the Universe, not the destruction. Destruction is just a rejuvenation and change. Through morning Bharani Deepam, He shows how He becomes many to celebrate Himself. By evening, Mahadeepam He shows how He becomes one again and radiates Oneness. When He is many lights, He is not separate – same fire. When He becomes one, it’s not that something gets added – the same fire. Quality does not change; only quantity changes. That is why the fire becomes many, and fire becomes one. There is no meaning in fire becoming many and becoming one. It’s only the quantitative change, not the qualitative change. The fire remains in Oneness when it is many or one.

If you think, “I want to get up in the morning and do yoga and build my body, but my laziness, you see, morning any alarm cannot wake me up.” If you think you have that laziness pattern which is restricting your possibility or that boredom,” I want to learn French, but you see, I am tired and bored, I don’t know when I will open the book and when I want to learn. I want to learn English but cannot stand reading one statement and one sentence.” If you think all these patterns are torturing you, listen carefully. The good news is – ‘All your patterns are dead, but the person who needs to break the patterns’ Will is alive!!’ Your patterns are not living part of You. They do not live, which means they do not exist. You are a living mechanism. They are not part of the living mechanism, which is You.

Also, Today is the day Devi became enlightened. In Arunachala, the festival is celebrated in a very big way. Devi does her great penance of Pancha tapas panchagni tapas to achieve enlightenment to become one with Shiva. In the evening, when the sunsets and the moon rise, Shiva appears as the light, pure consciousness, and gives half to Devi. Devi realizes her masculine part, becoming Ardhanareeshwara, which means part of Shiva. So, if you are in the male body and realize your feminine part, you are enlightened. If you are in the female body, if you realize your masculine part, you are enlightened. If you realize the other part, you are liberated and enlightened. You experience the same thing that Devi has experienced.


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