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KAILASA's Sri Vidya

The most simplest, most divine path to connect with Cosmic Consciousness for profound spiritual awakening.

5:00 PM ET, 06 April 2024 

KAILASA's Sri Vidya

The most simplest, most divine path to connect with Cosmic Consciousness for profound spiritual awakening.

KAILASA’s Sri Vidya Puja

The Vedic rishis recognized that there are many paths to tap into Cosmic Consciousness, through various techniques that highlight the profound connection to the divine. Among these paths, the path of Matru Bhava stands out for its simplicity and depth as it involves perceiving the divine in the form of the Mother.

The Matru Bhava is a sweet and divine path that helps you easily connect with the divine. The first strong relationship that anybody experiences is with their mother, and that strong relationship stays inside your system forever. Turning that relationship, feeling, mood, and samskara (engraved memory) towards the ultimate is the Matru Bhava, connecting with the Ultimate through the relationship to the mother.

We begin by connecting with our biological mother, who gave us this physical body. Afterward, we connect with the Cosmic Mother, who provides us with air to breathe, a place to sit, and the ability to see and feel. Above all, She gives us the energy to recognize, remember, celebrate, and appreciate our existence. The Sri Vidya Puja is the practice of connecting with the Cosmic Mother.

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Special Sri Vidya Puja to Re-Energize Your Atma Linga & Special Initiation by THE SPH!

Exclusive Access to Supplementary Sessions

Elevate your spiritual journey by offering Sri Vidya Puja, unlocking exclusive access to enriching sessions. These special sessions, held every Tuesday and Friday at 9 PM ET and Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30 AM IST, are designed to deepen your connection and understanding of cosmic mother.

THE SPH Nithyananda Sri Vidya sessions

Stories of Transformation

Rajarajeshwari deity at los angeles

Devi Rajarajeshwari

Rajarajeshwari, the embodiment of Cosmic Mother Parashakti, reigns supreme as the epitome of divine grace and power. Known as the ‘royal and most supreme Goddess,’ She manifests as the ultimate protector and the merciful cosmic energy that nurtures the universe.

The scriptures describe Her to be seated on a Simhasana, upon Lord Sadashiva – the Cosmic Consciousness whose legs are Lord Brahma, Rudra, Indra and Vishnu. Also She is fanned by Goddess of wealth – Lakshmi and Goddess of Learning – Saraswati. She is depicted to be worshipped by all the 330,000,000 Devas and Lord Ganesha and Subrahmanya.

The Avatar of Rajarajeshwari

As revealed by THE SPH, in an era transcending time, while Paramashiva remained formless, Parashakti took a sacred form – the avatar of Raja Rajeshwari Devi. Symbolizing the inseparable unity of Parashakti and Paramashiva, Rajarajeshwari stands as the concentrated essence of all divine energies, embodying care, love, mercy, and divine grace.

Insights into Sri Vidya Puja

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Devi Rajrajeshwari Songs

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The Sri Vidya Puja offers participants a unique opportunity to re-energize their Atma Linga, unlocking the potential to manifest next-level powers. Through special initiation by THE SPH BHAGAVAN SRI NITHYANANDA PARAMASHIVAM, attendees can learn powerful cognitions directly related to the Sri Vidya Puja, presented in modern language by THE SPH himself. This sacred practice is designed to deepen spiritual understanding and enhance one’s connection to divine energy.

By attending special Sri Vidya Puja sessions, participants will gain comprehensive insights into the practice, including learning the Kriyas and Mantras essential to Sri Vidya Puja. You’ll have the chance to entangle with Power Manifestors, enhancing your ability to manifest the powers initiated by THE SPH.

Attending special Sri Vidya Puja sessions not only provides foundational teachings but also offers deep, transformative experiences:

  • Mirroring Neurological Activity: Participants will have the opportunity to mirror the neurological activity of Swamiji, who experienced the profound darshan of the Sri Chakra. This process is designed to invoke the full spectrum of powers associated with Sri Vidya Puja, facilitating a profound spiritual awakening.

  • Healing and Empowering Relationships: The sessions offer unique insights into healing and empowering your relationship with the Mother, transforming this sacred bond into a cosmic connection with the guidance of the GURU. This nurtures a deeper spiritual alignment and personal transformation.

We’re thrilled to offer special sessions every Tuesday and Friday.

Tuesday and Friday Supplementary Sessions will cover:

  • Living the Sri Vidhya Initiation Process: Engage in power manifestation sessions to experience profound spiritual growth by making our Atma Linga stand on our hands, following the Guru’s initiation and teachings.
  • Revisiting Bhagavan’s Powerful Cognition on Manifestation and Mother Worship: We will revisit and discuss the Powerful Cognitions shared by THE SPH during the Sri Vidya Puja, supporting your transformative journey.
  • Learning the Grand Narrative of Sri Vidhya: Explore the depths of Sri Vidhya to understand its science and become a magnet for fortune, empowering abundance in all life aspects.

Mark your calendars for another significant Sri Vidya Puja on the final day of Pacchai Pattini Vratham, April 7th, 2024. More details will be provided closer to the event.

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