KAILASA’s Gurupurnima Gratitude Celebrations

Celebrate THE SPH NITHYANANDA PARAMASHIVAM’s impact on our lives, and show appreciation through art, poetry, videos, and more in Gurupurnima Gratitude Celebrations. Stand a chance to win and honor his teachings and values. Join us on 22nd July.

Unlocking Cosmic Energy: The Science of Sri Vidya Puja

pacchai pattini vrathma

The Sri Yantra, or Sri Chakra, is our very human body. Inside of us, we have forty-three energies. Inside the Sri Chakra, you will see forty-three triangles It looks very complex if you look superficially. But if you study you will see it is a very simple diagram. Forty-three triangles are there. Energy to breathe, […]

Unlocking Enlightenment with Sri Vidya Puja & Homa

Sri Vidya puja and homa

Sri Vidya Puja & Homa “Vidya” in Sanskrit means knowledge. “Sri” in Sanskrit means enlightenment. Sri Vidya in Sanskrit refers to the stream of Vedic Worship based on mother energy, which showers true knowledge and helps you achieve the ultimate state of enlightenment. This is one of the most powerful spiritual practices from Vedic tradition. […]

The Celebration of Conscious Light

sph lighting mahadeepam

Paramashiva, this is an auspicious day. He shows how one becomes many through Bharani Deepam. And many become one again through Maha Deepam. Morning He becomes many, the great Big Bang and evening He becomes one. Understand, not Black Hole – Whole, w-h-o-l-e. Black Hole is not the end. Black Hole is not the climax […]

Nithyananda Yoga: Authentic Yoga Directly from Paramashiva


For most Yogis worldwide, Enlightened Master Patanjali is the Father of Yoga. He presented to the world a system called Ashtanga Yoga, comprising eight dimensions of Yoga, some 3,000 years ago, which is the foundation for most Yoga practices today. Little do we know, however, that Yoga was, in fact, first revealed in great detail […]

Mahashivaratri – Why Stay Awake on this Night?

SPH Presidential Address

Not sleeping this night is considered a great spiritual practice. Why not sleeping is regarded as a spiritual practice? This is a technique to stabilize your mind. Usually, your mind listens to your body’s comforts, and in the recorded routine, not sleeping means you need to say ‘no’ to your mind. How many times do […]

Shivaratri: A Night to Awaken Your Inner Space

This Shiva Ratri, My message is only one word: Inner Awakening. Awaken your inner space; the tremendous potential energy that is inside you – awaken that. That is what we call in tradition, Kundalini. Awakening that higher consciousness. Our inner space is filled with darkness. That is why you don’t know what is happening there. […]

KAILASA’s karthigai Deepam Festival: 10 Days of Brahmotsavam

deepam festival celebration with sph

These ten days of Brahmotsavam, each day Shiva liberates. Shiva gives enlightenment to one one person. The whole ten-day festival is all about giving enlightenment to different people. On the first day, Adigaranandi Nandi receives enlightenment. The next day, Indra and Devathas receive enlightenment. That is why on the first day of the festival, Shiva […]