Guru Bhakti: Being Authentic to Guru

Guru Bhakti: It is not just putting a few flowers in His feet, or doing some small puja, of course, that is a symbolic representation, but the real Guru Bhakti, understand, being authentic to Guru.
Guru Bhakthi

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Guru Bhakti, understand this word – Guru Bhakti. It is not just putting a few flowers on His feet or doing some small puja, of course, that is a symbolic representation, but the real Guru Bhakti, understand, being authentic to Guru.

Let me explain that word – Guru Bhakti, being authentic to Guru. Look into your inner image and see how much of your inner image is influenced by Guru’s presence in your life. Look into your inner image, see how much you are still stuck with your old stupid identity and inner image, how much the Guru has influenced, the Guru’s presence has influenced, and how much of your ideas about you as you have changed.

Understand, your inner image is not you; not only your inner image is not you, what you think as your inner image is a screen, an iron curtain, stopping you from experiencing the real you. See how much your inner image has been influenced by your Guru’s presence in your life. If you continue to have your inner image without changing your living, you are living your logical life. Yesterday, you were sick; logically, you will be sick today. Logically, tomorrow you will be sick, or more sick till death. That is supposed to be the logical life. Inspiration and energy of the Guru enter into your inner image, and life will not be any more logical; it will become just magical. It is no longer logical; it will simply become magical.

How much is your inner image inspired and influenced by your Guru’s presence in your life? How much is your outer image inspired and influenced by what kind of outer image you show to your Guru? And, what, how does your Guru hold you? What is the Anyakaara He is having about you? Have you taken responsibility for it? What kind of an image do you hold about Guru? And the life around the Guru and the Sangha.

Understand Guru Bhakti is bringing authenticity to your relationship with Guru. Let your inner image be as your Guru wants; whoever considers Me your Guru. Understand, whoever considers Me as your Guru, for all of you, I am making very clear, the inner image that I expect from you. I want you to have the inner image of Shivoham. My taste is very simple in anything. I want the best thing. My taste is too simple. Go on transforming your inner image daily; whether it is an inch, meter, kilometer, or mile, move towards SHIVOHAM. That’s the first step for any activism.

Please understand that for any activism in your life, the first step is moving towards SHIVOHAM. Align your inner image with what your Guru wants as your inner image. How do you project yourself to your Guru—sit, align, and analyze? How does He hold you, and what is this anyakaara for you? Are you taking responsibility for it?

Understand, anyone who takes responsibility to align themself to My anyakaara, I commit with you; you experiencing Shivoham is My responsibility. As Sadashiva. I give you the boon of Living Shivoham. When the Guru ordains, He sustains, understand; I never ordained anything I cannot sustain. If I had told you, do completion for three months, I already sent the energy to do completion to you, and then only asked you to do it. If Krishna is asking Kuchela to do all the danas whatever wealth is required for Kuchela to do the danas, Krishna has already sent to Kuchela’s house; only then is He asking Kuchela to do the danas.

Understand, anything I ordain, I have already sent whatever is required to you; I already sent whatever is needed to sustain it; only then I ordain. Be a man to stand up to Guru’s anyakaara. Impossibility is not cute. Impossibility is not cute. Nobody is here to celebrate your powerlessness. Powerlessness is not fashionable. Impossibility is not cute. Nobody will tell you, “Oh, how innocent and cute he looks.” No! Shiva Ganas is the modern-day fashion. Be a Shiva Gana. Gana means filled in length, depth, breadth; let your length, breadth, depth, be filled by Shiva. That is the meaning definition of Shiva Gana. Let not any dimension of you be left without being filled by Shiva.

Understand, let your length, breadth, depth, and all dimensions be filled by Shiva. Sadashiva. That is the meaning of Shiva Gana. Remember, when Mahadeva ordains, He sustains. When Sadashiva ordains, He sustains. The living expression of Sadashiva, your Guru, when He ordains, He sustains. What is the influence of the Guru on your inner image? What is the influence of your Guru on your outer image?

What kind of outer image do you show your Guru, and what is your Guru’s anyakaara for you? How much have you taken responsibility for, and what is your anyakaara towards you? How do you hold him? What’s your inner image towards Guru and life? Align all four to its highest possibility that is Guru Bhakti. That is Guru Bhakti. Whether you understand or don’t understand, because you don’t understand, you feel difficult, don’t want to clap, whatever may be your mind. This is Guru Bhakti.

Understand the straightforward sacred truths; there is no compromise. Fools ask for shortcuts because the shortest cut is a straight line. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The shortest cut between any two points is a straight line. Understand and bring authenticity to your connection with the master. Bring integrity with your words with the Master. Bring responsibility with your commitment to the Master.

Only then can you enrich the world about the master. Otherwise, your enriching may be hypocritical marketing to show you are trying to do something or maintain your position in the Sangha. Maintain your status in the Sangha, not your state.

First, bring authenticity to your connection with the Guru. Bring integrity with your words with the Guru, and bring responsibility in your connection with the Guru; only then will you be enriched by the Guru’s energy, and you can enrich the world with Guru’s energy. Otherwise, you may be just eating caca biryani, which means crow biryani. You may be thinking you are eating biryani, but end up eating crow biryani. Only when you are belching do you understand you are *cah cah….Guru Bhakti is the first step towards achieving anything, including enlightenment.

Even to start the spiritual process, at least to start, maybe the first step is a little bit of completion, or yoga or meditation; even for that, you need a certain kind of at least basic trust towards the Guru. The initial form of Guru Bhakti, And ultimately, even for enlightenment, Guru Bhakti is required. Guru Bhakti is required.

Guru Bhakti is an independent method to lead you to Enlightenment without any other technique or methodology. Without needing to move your body to one side or other, blow your nose even once, stare into the mirror even once, or get into your past even once without any technique or method, just Guru Bhakti alone is independently intelligent enough to lead you to enlightenment. Even after enlightenment, I realize the result of Enlightenment itself is eternally Guru Bhakti, that is all.

Actually, after Enlightenment, what you are going to bring into you, what is going to be your foundation cognition, your basic cognition to exist, is Guru Bhakti. Guru Bhakti is not your words or your concept of Guru; it is authenticating yourself, authentically aligning yourself. Authenticating yourself, authentically aligning yourself to your Guru by aligning your inner image, outer image, others’ image, and life image with your Guru’s connection. It is not difficult, I tell you, the other day, one guy came and met me, actually even a news article appeared about him, on Facebook and all, he came and met me maybe a few months before, actually just within 50,000 rupees, he has made helicopter. He is an Indian automobile mechanic. I was shocked, and it was flying; two people could fly in that. I was shocked, how 50,000, what did he do?

When I studied his inner space, he retained his innocence of “If eyes can see, hands can do.” Which is one of the greatest teachings I received from my Guru. Beautifully in Tamil ( Tamil Kannu parkavum Kai seyananam athu thaan da manishan da)…, it means: if the eye sees, hands should do; only then are you a man. In the temple, suddenly, on a festival day, it was a Devi temple, a festival day; the priest was not there to do the decoration; the sandal paste Alankara was used for that Devi. My Guru and I went to the temple, and suddenly, she told me, “Have you seen the main Arunachaleswarar Temple? They are doing the sandal paste, Alankara.” I said, “Yes, I have seen Ma.” She said, “Do it.” I said, “How?” Then she made a statement, (30:29) Tamil Kannu parka Kai seythyanam athu thaan da manishan poi seeyanam da… “If your eyes can see, then your hands should do,” I tell you, that is the village Indians’ belief about themselves. The Western engineering education destroys you and makes you feel everything is difficult.

Unfortunately, in India, everybody becomes an engineer; only then do they try to figure out what to do and become. I don’t read any English books besides the scriptures’ English translations because I don’t want to be influenced by Western thought currents. I learned English only by downloading the spiritual material. Not by reading any shakes beer, unshakes beer, shanking beer, or unshaking beer, no.

Please understand that you learn to shake beer when you read Shakespeare because you get the thought current. It’s not that you get English; you get the thought current. Just so I am not influenced by current thoughts, I never read English literature, even though I never mind because of Enlightenment, even the words I use to talk to you. First, I create that consciously in Sanskrit and then translate it. I continue to retain that ability consciously so that the thought current will never be influenced by the language developers. The language I am using, English, is only a medium. I do not want whatever I am sharing to teach you anywhere to be influenced by those who develop this language, their thoughts current. I am very clear: you should be inspired, impressed, and influenced only by the Masters, great Masters who developed the language of Sanskrit. So, I consciously retained the verbal flow generated in Sanskrit first and then translated it into English to share with you all.

Listen, you can do it; don’t be a stupid, educated engineer. Still now, in our sacred arts department from making the wax model to finally finishing the carving of a deity. I can do everything with my hand, from wax modeling to final finishing and polishing. Because I did not go to my diploma college properly. Otherwise, three years is a lot of time, and they would have made me believe it was too difficult. In the whole three years, the fellows who came out finally came out with what they learned, you know? Just threading one screw. Maybe they know how to thread the half-inch diameter of the rod. That is all. That is the final project: practical imagination. And that also you have a choice. God saved me and helped me to save myself.

This concept of difficulty injected into human beings so that you can be kept as a slave forever, I tell you. Whoever injects the concept of difficulty, renounce those people in your life. You will be saved forever. Whoever teaches you possible, possible, possible in your life by giving up anything, be around them you will be saved.

At 11, I ran away to Vadalur, a place in Tamil Nadu. A great saint, Vallular, lived there. I ran away, and the only thing that brought me back was – if I am stuck with something with the idea of difficulty, who will tell me it is possible and push me? Only my Gurus can tell. So I came back to my Guru’s feet. I said, “No, who will make me understand this possible? Only my Guru can.”

Guru’s feet is the ultimate tirtha. No parivrajika will help leaving Guru’s feet. That is the ultimate tirtha: any parivrajika, in three days, depression; fourth day, suicidal depression; fifth day, depression. Only a person who constantly tells you it is possible, accept him as Guru. And never leave him. Never leave him. Possibility is His statement. Positivity is his state. As I said, Guru is the statement of God. God is the state of Guru. Let your statement be possibility always, and your mental state be positivity always. Maybe a new word, it’s okay, state mental. Let your statement be possibility always and state mental always be a possibility, and positivity always, let your statement be a possibility and state mental be positivity.

Remember, today’s Guru Purnima message is Guru Bhakti. It means becoming authentic to your connection with the Guru. Becoming integrated to your connection with the Guru. Taking responsibility to align yourself with your Guru, enriching yourself and others with your Guru’s energy. Guru Bhakti is an independently intelligent enough technique to lead you, from step one to ultimate enlightenment. And even after enlightenment, the result in your life is Guru Bhakti, that is, the ultimate Satya, ultimate prasad, Guru Bhakti is independently intelligent enough to reach you to Enlightenment.

Decide today. This one thing, clearly, strongly, with your whole being, you will become authentic, integrated, responsible, and enriching towards your connection with Guru. Whatever incompletions or karma is stopping you, bring that and offer it with whatever you are offering today; as Sadashiva, I commit with you all that I will burn all those karmas and give you the greatest prasada, Guru Bhakti. Mahadeva says Sadashiva says to Parvati, “Even if you see God, ask Him to give you Guru Bhakti.” Even when you have the darshan of God, ask Him to give you Guru Bhakti. Because that will give you everything, which is the result of everything. That is the first and last inspiration: don’t allow any stupid doll to do dash-dash on your Guru Bhakti. You fill in the dash.

Don’t allow any stupid donkeys to do dash-dash on your Guru Bhakti. When they try to do dash-dash on your Guru Bhakti, what happens to them, you can see. Whatever negativity they spread, their karma is coming back to them. I have not cursed them, but their karma is returning to them. They are suffering. But finally, the fellow who lost is stupid to you by letting those donkeys do dash-dash on your Guru Bhakti. Do not allow any donkey to do dash-dash on your Guru Bhakti. Whoever tries to destroy your Guru Bhakti does the worst thing to you. Whoever strengthens your Guru Bhakti is doing the best thing for you. Because that is my life and goal. That is life and goal. Life, goal, result.


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