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I welcome you all with My love and blessings. I welcome all the Important Personalities, Statesmen, and Dignitaries here today. And all the devotees, disciples, Kailāsians, Hindu diaspora, Ambassadors, and Diplomats … from all over the world — I welcome all of you with My love and respect. 

The Dignitaries who are present here today:

Her Excellency Dr. Queen Evelyn Yeo, … a Dean Ambassador and Acting President of the South West African Forum. Thank you, Her Excellency Dr. Queen Evelyn Yeo, for being here and representing Nigeria. Thank you.

Honourable Ms. Senrita Gobardhan is the district commissioner of the Ministry of Sports from the Republic of Suriname. Honourable Ms. Senrita Gobardhan, thank you for being here representing Suriname.

Mr. Andersen Gaskin is a senior supervisor of the Division of Youth Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture, Grenada. Mr. Andersen Gaskin, thank you for being here and representing Grenada.

Bishop Esther Baptiste, House of Prayer Sanctuary, Vice President of Evangelical Grenada Alliance, Grenada. Bishop Esther Baptiste, thank you for being here representing Grenada and Evangelical Grenada Alliance. 

Mr. Rajan Singh, Nazran Roth Limited, United Kingdom. Mr. Rajan Singh, thank you for being here.

Mr. Che Keens Douglas, Fibonnaci Works, Grenada. Mr. Che Keens Douglas, thank you for being here.

Mr. Henry Orgrenville Browne, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Mr. Henry Orgrenville Browne, Saint Kitts Nevis.

Thank you all for being here. Kailāsa and Me is honored to have all of you here. Thank you.  

Paramaśiva’s direct message from MahāKailāsa on this auspicious Makara Saṅkrānti: Happy Makara Saṅkrānti. Blessings. Let the grace of Śivasūrya, Sūrya Bhagavān be on all of you. Let all the auspiciousness happen to everyone.

sarvamaṅgala prāptirastu | sarvaiśvarya prāptirastu | sarvānanda prāptirastu

Let the grace of Bhagavān Sūrya be on all of you on this Makara Saṅkrānti. The beginning of the Uttarāyaṇa Puṇyakāla, the auspicious time of Uttarāyaṇa begins today. And, which is celebrated by the Hindus worldwide in various names. Saṅkrānti, Pongal, with various names and ways. I bless all of you celebrating this festival as Makara Saṅkrānti, Pongal, in any other name. Blessings to all of you. Happy Makara Saṅkrānti.

இனிய பொங்கல் திருநாள் நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள். பரமசிவ பரம்பொருளின் பேரருளால் சிவ சூரியன் பேரருள் பொழிந்து எல்லோருக்கும் எல்லா நன்மையும் மங்களமும் நிகழட்டும்.

With the grace of Paramaśiva and the grace of Śivasūrya, … let all auspiciousness … happen to all of you. All the blessings, all the good things be showered on all of you. As the ultimate of the ultimate existence — Paramaśiva, and Paramaśiva’s ultimate manifestation — Bhagavān Sadā Nṛtta Mūrti, Naṭarāja Caṇḍatāṇḍava Mūrti, Prārthana Mūrti, Gauritāṇḍava Mūrti, Sandhyā Nṛtta Mūrti, Bhujaṅga Trāsa Mūrti, Bhujaṅga Lalitā Mūrti, Bhagavān Śivasūrya Mūrti — I bless you all with all the auspiciousness, and let all the blessings, auspiciousness, Paramādvaita happen to all of you and all. 

Paramaśivoham Level 1 participants, Level 2 participants, Level 3 participants — I bless all of you with the powerful Cit-Jaḍa-Granthi Bhedana Process. It’s the new beginning. The possibility for a new beginning is given to all the beings by the natural flow of cosmic energy as Uttarāyaṇa Puṇyakāla. The people who want to drop all the past that is what is the Festival of Bhogi — dropping the past and entering into the new. Listen. Every time you drop your past patterns, you enter into a new life, a new possibility. And even dropping the body and entering into new life is very auspicious during this period of Uttarāyaṇa Puṇyakāla. In our Itihāsa — Mahābhārata, it’s well documented that Bhīṣma waited for this Uttarāyaṇa Puṇyakālaṃ. Once the Uttarāyaṇa Puṇyakālaṃ started, he left the body; he dropped this old body and moved on to mokṣa, paramapada. And, Bhīṣma ish… Bhīṣma is the Ṛṣi of Viṣṇu Sahasranāma; all of you should know Bhīṣma first recited the Viṣṇu Sahasranāma. A great Yogī like Bhīṣma waited for this Uttarāyaṇa Puṇyakāla and left the body.

I have seen so many great beings, they wait for this Uttarāyaṇa Puṇyakāla. One example I can give, My own Guru — Tiruchi Svāmigal of Kailash Ashram in Bangalore. He went into samādhi but did not leave the body; he waited till Uttarāyaṇa started. Once the Uttarāyaṇa started, … in Uttarāyaṇa Puṇyakāla he left the body. I can give you thousands of references from the time of Bhīṣma till now. The great beings, even leaving the body they choose this time. Understand, whether you want to leave your mind, drop all your patterns and start new life, or you want to leave your body itself and start new life — this is the right, great time. The great Yogīs who has the power to leave the body — icchā mṛtyu (power to leave the body … when they want, as they want). Not suicide; please understand, Hinduism does not accept suicide. This is not suicide. Just by the conscious will, they leave the body, and move on to the higher zones, higher planes. The portal for the higher planes opens during this Uttarāyaṇa Puṇyakālaṃ.    

So, all of you when you are in the body, start using this Uttarāyaṇa Puṇyakālaṃ by dropping all your patterns. Evolve as the new being, new life, new … consciousness. Then, when the time comes, you will be able to beautifully leave the body and raise … to the higher zones on this exact Uttarāyaṇa Puṇyakāla, on this exact auspicious time. Use this time now to do completion, to take powerful decisions, to be ferocious with yourself, and to make powerful decisions to move to the higher plane, to move to the higher energies, to move to the higher possibilities, to move to the higher life. Any decision you take now, any completion you do now, any new possibilities you begin now awakens powerful enlightenment in you. So, I bless you all for the great new beginning. Great new beginning. All the new resolutions you want to take, do it now. All the resolutions you want to take, do it now. I give you all the blessings to begin a new life, new energy, new consciousness, new possibilities, and new powers.   

Let paramaśivapada prāptirastu | paramaśivapada prāptirastu | paramaśivaśakti prāptirastu | paramaśivatva prāptirastu | paramaśiva anubhūti prāptirastu | paramaśiva ātma prāptirastu |

oṃ oṃ oṃ

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