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As an ultimate manifestation of the Ultimate (Paramaśiva), … Paramaśiva’s ultimate manifestations of Gurumūrti and Aśvārūḍha Mūrti, I bless you all with ultimate blessing paramādvaita prāptirastu, paramādvaita prāptirastu, paramādvaita prāptirastu.

All the Paramaśivoham Level 1 participants, I bless you all with the experience of ātma sphuraṇa. Understand, ātma sphuraṇa means, … not getting imbalanced from the original self-identity of you. Listen intensely. I’ll repeat. Your original self-identity, in Sanskṛt we call pratyagātma caitanya jāgrataṃ (individual identity) … being awake and not getting imbalanced is ātma sphuraṇa. I’ll give you one example. See, when you have some nightmares or wild dreams, … the real suffering of the wild dream is the identity you carry about you during the waking state getting collapsed. During the waking state, the identity you carry about you — you are male, this is your age, your profession, who you think you are. All this identity … gets wholly dismantled. The whole thing becomes chaos, … shaken during your wild dreams and nightmares. That is the real pain of the nightmare. Otherwise, the dream cannot have any pain over you. It cannot have any impact on you.   

I always tell people, … in the dream, if you see the restroom, don’t use it; it’s a trap. The only dream which comes true for everyone is a bedwetting dream. Why the wild dreams have an impact on you? Because of the pratyagātma caitanya you carry, the individual conscious identity you carry, during the waking state gets shaken. During the waking state, what you feel as you get invaded by your patterns when you are in the dream state. It is literally violating your conscious sovereignty. Understand? Why you hate certain dreams, … why you hate certain nightmares is because your individual identity, which is very close to your heart, you protect that—literally giving up everything. People easily give up wealth, relationships, even health, so many things, including Guru … to protect what you consider as your individual identity (your pratyagātma caitanya jāgrataṃ). But, … unfortunately, an ordinary dream just violates you, invades into you, … and your conscious sovereignty is shaken. In the waking state, you are like a lion. Suddenly in the dream state, you are like a street dog running for your life.

Listen. I’ll give you a powerful method now … to keep your ātma sphuraṇa … as a solid experience in you, your conscious sovereignty during your waking state and dream state, and of course, deep, deep sleep state. The first truth you should understand. Please listen to the first truth. The identity that can be shaken, and invaded by an ordinary dream is not worth maintaining. It has no stuff in it! It is just pus! Find your identity, which can never be invaded through a very simple practice of ‘Who Am I?.’ Listen. A simple practice of ‘Who Am I?’ Bhagavān Rāmana Maharṣi beautifully explains in a small few-page booklet — Who Am I? There’s a booklet in Tamil, less than ten pages — Nan Yar? In English — Who Am I?, directly dictated by Bhagavān and corrected by Bhagavān Rāmana Maharṣi. Read that.

Simple practice. Within few days, you will be established in your identity, conscious sovereignty, ātma sphuraṇa, which is true you in Turīya state. Understand? That true you in your Turīya state when you touch it, … even once when you touch it, that starts flowing while you are in a waking state or in the dream state. Once that starts flowing, your conscious sovereignty will never be challenged, will never be violated, will never be invaded. The identity you are carrying in the waking state can be invaded easily in your dream state. If it can be invaded in your dream state so easily, do you think it is worth protecting? Literally giving everything. See, all of you … to protect your identity, you throw relationships, you throw wealth, you throw even your career, which you earn with hard work! You throw away your health, wealth, relationships, Guru, your spiritual progress, enlightenment; so many things you throw away … to protect what you think as your identity in the waking state but which gets invaded. That identity you protect during your waking state with so much fight … gets invaded just like that in your dream state. So, … the identity which can be invaded just like that in your dream state is not worth protecting.

I’ll project the link of that book ‘Nan Yar?’ — Rāmana Maharṣi’s; it’s already in the internet. Read. He beautifully explains how to identify your conscious identity, your identity established in Turīya state. Your true identity established in your Turīya state, is what I call ātma sphuraṇa. That identity’s conscious sovereignty will never be invaded, will never be challenged. It cannot be violated. You don’t need to spend years together to have that conscious identity; listen. Just simple few days sitting with yourself, maybe half an hour, one hour just correcting your cognitions. What you cognize about you — rearranging it, … removing all the unnecessary fat and building right conscious muscles. Unnecessary fat should be removed from your conscious identity. I’ll give you an example. Many time … what you think as your pleasure, after achieving suddenly you find it has no pleasure. It only brought so much pain to you but again, without sticking to the powerful cognition, realization, truth, you start running behind the same desire. This is what I call unnecessary fat in your identity. Deluded patterns are the unnecessary fat in your conscious identity. Powerful cognitions … are the muscles of your conscious identity. Build more and more powerful cognitions. Build more and more powerful cognition. 

When you build even one powerful cognition in you — ‘I am beyond body,’ so, I give you one example — ‘I am beyond body, so anything happens to the body should not directly affect my existence.’ This is one powerful cognition. Thinking about it, cognizing it becomes a conscious muscle in you, and multiple complications, difficulties … of the external world just becomes irrelevant to you.

I tell you, I have seen people from various cultures, various backgrounds, various pattern groups, various ethnic backgrounds. The best life is, life of conscious sovereignty. Conscious sovereignty. The unit of life’s success or failure. See, how to measure whether your life is a success or failure is, based on how much you lived with conscious sovereignty.   

I tell you, you all already know, no wealth will come with you when you leave this world. I give you one more important truth. No karma will come with you when you cross the Svarga! Listen! From Bhūloka when you raise, no properties will come with you. Then when you travel towards the vertical time zones, higher worlds, by the time you cross Bhuvah and Svah lokas, even your karmas will not come with you. Only thing which will come with you above the Svarloka, Svargaloka … is the conscious sovereignty with which you existed, you lived; that is why I am saying, dharma, charity, puṇya, doing good actions — all these are good up to Svargaloka. Not beyond. Not beyond. If you want to go beyond Svargaloka, only your conscious sovereignty, the power of your conscious sovereignty only will come with you. So, the first priority for human beings is build conscious sovereignty.

The unit with which you should measure whether your life is a success or failure is not based on the wealth you acquired, not even based on the good or bad actions you did, … not based on puṇya, pāpa you acquired, but based on the conscious sovereignty you built. How intensely you experienced, you decided, you willed, you made your being realized that you are consciousness. Listen. When you are lifted from this world, all the external wealth, including the body, will be dropped here, and your sūkṣma śarīra moves … [technical glitch] … to the … Svarga … [technical glitch] … then … [technical glitch] … 

Listen. Sorry for the technical glitch; I’ll repeat it. 

When you leave the body, when you die, … all you acquired in this world, including your physical body and physical wealth, everything will be left. Your ātma, with its multiple layers like a prāṇa śarīra, sūkṣma śarīra, mana śarīra, kāraṇa śarīra — all that will be lifted. When you travel in the vertical time zone … to Svargaloka, all the good and bad, puṇya and pāpa, sin and merit you accumulated, will also be dropped and will be taken away from you. You will go through hell and exhaust all the sins. You will go through heaven and exhaust all the merits. Good and bad will be taken away. Even that will not come with you. It’ll come with you only up to Svarga. After that, on your journey up to MahāKailāsa, only one thing will come with you — the power of conscious sovereignty.

So, your life should be measured … with the unit of conscious sovereignty. Whether your life is successful or failure, whether you succeeded or failed … should be decided not by the wealth you accumulated… acquired, or the power you had, or even the good or the bad you did. All of that is not the measuring unit of your life, whether it is success or failure. The measuring unit … to find, to scale, to judge, to measure your life, whether it is success or failure, is, conscious sovereignty. How deeply you convinced yourself, you realize you are a conscious being. That … that is the measurement of the unit with which we can judge, we can find whether your life is a success or failure. So please understand, … first priority for your life should be … about … building conscious sovereignty, developing conscious sovereignty.               

All the Paramaśivoham Level 1 participants, Level 2 participants, Level 3 participants — all of you sit. Now, connect with Me. I’ll give all of you this conscious sovereignty as a Guru dīkṣā. I’ll give this as a śaktipāta to all of you. now, the śaktipāta and śaktinipāta for this ātma sphuraṇa, conscious sovereignty will happen in you, will happen to you. Listen. Building a powerful identity, … building conscious sovereignty … is the first and foremost thing you should learn in this world. This is the first priority. Everything else is next. Now sit. Now, Paramaśiva, Paramaśiva in His ultimate manifestation as Gurumūrti, will breathe Himself in you, manifest Himself in you. You will experience Paramādvaita, Guru dīkṣā, śaktipāta and śaktinipāta now.

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