Life is Neither Free-Willed Nor Pre-Destined: It is Super-Determined

Learn the sacred truth of super-determinism, will-persistence, the Paramashakti.
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As the ultimate Manifestation of the Ultimate, Paramashiva and ultimate Paramashiva’s manifestation Gangadhara Murthy, Gangavisarjana Murthy, I bless you all with Paramadvaita. Paramadvaita Praptirastu, Sarva Mangala Praptirastu, Sarva Aishwarya Praptirastu, Paramajnana Praptirastu, Parama Mangala Praptirastu. All the Paramashivoham Level 1 Participants, I bless you all with intense Nithyatva experience, fearless living, and clearing of the Swadishthana Chakra. All the Paramashivoham Level 1 Participants, I bless you all with the intense powerful awakening of Nithyatva Anubhooti. All the Paramashivoham Level 2 Participants, I bless you all with initiation into will persistence through pure questioning. I give all the Paramashivoham Level 3 participants all Paramatma Shakti Deeksha, the will persistence, Super-Determinism, and Paramatma Shakti, will persistence and Super-Determinism. Listen, through your three eyes, look into my three eyes. Now, Gangadhara Murthy will flow in you. You will experience real self-drive, Paramatma Shakti, will persistence, and Super-Determinism. I shower you all with this. Listen.

I will give you a simple understanding about life.

Continuously, all over the world, in almost all religions all philosophies, this one question: Is everything happening pre-destined, or is everything happening out of free will?

This question… all philosophies, try to analyze this question. Whether it is Hinduism and different branches of Hinduism like Shaiva, Vaishnava, Shakta, Gaumara all different branches of Hinduism, or Christianity or Islam or Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism in all religions this one question: whether everything happens in our life as our life, Is it pre-destined or free will?

Always the answers have been given to prove everything is pre-destined or everything is out of our of free will. Science tries to show everything is out of our free will. All Religion tries to show everything is pre-destined or God’s will.

The three different answers pre-destined, individual freedom, our free will or God’s will. The word God’s will does not have a clear definition or ability to establish that there is a clear God’s will which can be established before something happens, during it happens, after it happened.

In the Trikala, all the three times, past, present and future the consistency for God’s will to be established. No tradition is able to give substantiating or very clear strong powerful answer. Listen, this question, is intense, so if you sincerely listen, this big load, incompletion, doubt you are carrying about life can be cleared. This doubt: is everything happening in my life pre-destined, or God’s will, or my free will ? If this question is understood, if this doubt is cleared, all your self-doubt will be destroyed. Literally 99% of your problems will be solved.

Not only Paramashivatva, ultimate Moksha, you can achieve anything you want in the outer world, inner world and the higher worlds, all three level. So understand the exact truth, ultimate truth I am revealing –  your life what is happening inside you, outside you, for you, by you – All this is neither pre-destined nor free will, nor your free will or God’s will. Please understand – it is not pre-destined, it is not your free will, it is not God’s will. Let me make it very clear, there is something called Super-Determinism.

I will give you the example of Ganga Avataranam, the Gangadhara Murthy’s story. See,  Ganga coming to planet Earth and washing away the sins of Bhagiratha’s ancestors – is it pre-destined? Is it His will? Is it God’s will? If you analyze, the answer is NO – it is neither pre-destined nor God’s will nor free will of Bhagiratha – it is Super-Determinism of Bhagiratha. Listen, listen.

We can’t say it is pre-destined. If it is pre-destined Bhagiratha does not need to go through so much. We can’t say “God’s Will” because even Brahma released Ganga from His Kamandalu, the result Bhagiratha wanted his ancestors sins getting washed was not happening.

Even after Paramashiva received Ganga and released Ganga, even after Paramashiva released Ganga, it was not happening. Jahnu Maharishi just swallowed the whole Ganga, because when she was flowing, it seems she disturbed Jahnu Maharishi’s tapas – he just swallowed the whole Ganga. Is it individual will of Bhagiratha? No! He needed to do tapas to Brahma and receive his blessings to release Ganga. Then he needed to do tapas towards Paramashiva to hold Ganga on his head, then he need to again do tapas to Paramashiva to release Ganga, in a controlled way. The first dam built for river is Shiva jata, Shiva jata is the first dam for river – so very controlled way Ganga was released, but even after that the problem was not solved. He has to do tapas towards Jahnu Maharishi and ask him to release Ganga. So understand, life is Super-Determinism.

Life is not free will. Life is not pre-destined. Life is not even God’s will.

Life is Super-Determinism of the soul – your consciousness. Life is Super-Determinism of your consciousness. Think more, more deeply. Meditate on this. There are, there is a layers and layers of truths in this story. There is layers and layers of truth in this story.

First, Bhagiratha decides to bring Ganga to liberate his forefathers from their karmas, sins and give them Moksha. Then he doing tapas towards Brahma, Brahma releasing Ganga. Even after Ganga was released she was rushing with such high energy and speed, all the vertical zones on her way from Brahma Loka, when she was coming, she literally destroying all the vertical zones. so all the Gods got terrorized, that whole samasta srishti, the whole creation, may be destroyed, the Maha Pralaya may happen, if Ganga lands from Satya Loka through all the vertical time zones. From Satya Loka to Tapo Loka and all the vertical time zones. The frightened and terrorized Bhagiratha again starts tapas towards Paramashiva, and Paramashiva says “Okay, alright!” and he receives Ganga on His Jata. That is the Gangadhara Murthy. But then Ganga is stuck in His Jata. Bhagiratha needs Ganga to come to planet Earth so the ancestors of Bhagiratha are liberated. So what to do. Again he does tapas towards Paramashiva and Paramashiva just moves one of His Jata and releases Ganga – Gangavisarjana Murthy. He manifests as Gangavisarjana Murthy.

And again when she was coming to planet Earth, the way she was flowing excited from Mahakailasa to this Bhuloka Kailasa, from this Bhuloka Kailasa to Manasarovar, from Manasarovar towards the Bhumi. The Bharata Varsha, on the way she knowingly or unknowingly disturbed the Jahnu Maharishi’s tapas. So Jahnu Maharishi just swallowed her, drank the whole thing.

Now again Bhagiratha has to do Tapas to Jahnu Maharishi, to release Ganga. He releases Ganga through his ears, that is why she is called Jahnavi. Because she was born out of Jahnu Maharishi, She is called Jahnavi. So now after so much finally Ganga comes and washes away the ashes of Bhagiratha’s ancestors and liberates all of them from their sins and gives them Moksha. That is why Ganga has the name Mokshadayani.

In this whole story – I should not say story, it is the history of Ganga, not story, history of Ganga – the truth, reality of Ganga is: She did not happen because of pre-destined, the pre-destination. No! She did not happen because of God’s will. No! Brahma sent her, Brahma sent her from His Kamandalu, but that is not enough. She did not happen out of free will of Bhagiratha. No! She happened out of Super-Determinism of Bhagiratha. I will tell you, what is the difference between free will, God’s will, pre-destined and Super-Determinism: In free will only one part of you in  the universe is working, functioning towards the goal. Pre-destined only one part of the world, the karma of the Jagat, the natural law of the Jagat, natural law of the Universe is called pre-destined. The natural law of the universe is only functioning towards certain goal. In God’s will, the Ishwara’s will alone is functioning towards certain goal.

Listen, neither Jeeva, just Jeeva’s free will, nor Jagat natural law of the universe, or Ishwara’s will, God’s will – none of these three is enough for the ultimate. Jeeva, Ishwara, Jagat all the three is not enough. Super-Determinism is the will, Atma Shakti, which comes out of the Paramadvaita cognition. All three in core is one and the same. Jeeva, Ishwara, or Jagat – all three in core, deep down, one and the same. From that cognition the will that raises is Super-Determinism. Only that can make all three manifest life for you. Listen.

The individual will is the power of Jeeva.

Natural law of the universe means the pre-destined is the power of Jagat.

Ishwara’s will, is the power of God.

I am not disrespecting God. Underestimating the power of God. But, just the power of God, Ishwara’s will alone is not enough even for your liberation. Even for your liberation, your individual will need to be aligned. If just God’s will alone is enough to give you liberation, he would have given just like that. People ask me, “Swamiji, if God is doing everything, why is He not liberating me? Why is he not giving me Moksha?” Hey, understand. I am revealing the cosmic secret. Universal secret. You guys continuously gossip about national secrets, state secrets, Victoria’s Secret, and so many great secrets you talk about – I am revealing the ultimate secret:

Life is neither pre-destined. The natural law of the universe, the natural law of the universe, is only called pre-destined. Life is not just your individual will. Swatantratva, No. The free will, No. Life is not just God’s will. Ishwara. So Jeeva, Jagat, Ishwara – all three by themselves, stand alone does not manifest life, constitute life, resolve the question, doubts, the fundamental doubts about life.

Life is Super-Determinism.

Sonali Gupta is asking, “How to make all three aligned Bhagavān?”

Very simple. I give you the straight truth. Not only am I giving the truth, but I am giving you the solution, the ultimate solution. Understand, it is God who manifested as an individual in you and as Jagat outside you. Ishwara manifested as Jeeva inside you, as Jagat outside you, so all three in the core is one and the same. From that cognition, decide to make a will that is Super-Determinism. When you declare how your life should be, cognize you are Paramashiva. Your individual will is established in Paramashiva’s will is master of the natural law of the universe. Knowing this, cognizing this, ferociously waking up to this, is Bhagiratha prayatnam, tapas of Bhagiratha. Bhagiratha prayatnam, means knowing your individual will is established in Paramashiva’s will. “Mama Sankalpam Shiva Sankalpam Astu.” And on Shiva Sankalpa only the natural law of the cosmos, natural law of the universe is also established. All three are established in one, knowing that is Paramadvaita. From that knowledge, when will evolves, it is called Super-Determinism. Your individual will can be transformed into Super-Determinism, the moment you add the cognition of Paramadvaita in you. The moment you are initiated into Paramadvaita, you decide to hold the initiation given by the Guru ferociously, your free will becomes Super-Determinism. The Paramatma Shakti manifests in you. Ganga is Paramatma Shakti – Listen.

Listen to today’s Satsang 3-4 times. Contemplate on it. If possible sit and transcribe, pen down, write. When you write down only you cognize how many of my words you miss. That is why I insist on always transcribing the Satsang, so you will be made to listen 2-3 times. Transcribe Satsang on your own, and put the transcription of this Satsang as your Facebook post. Transcribe and read; you will realize, “Oh god!”

It is just not by the pre-destined natural law of the universe Ganga came. It is not just by God’s will Ganga came. It is not just by Bhagiratha’s free will Ganga came. But by Bhagiratha’s Super-Determinism, tapas of Bhagiratha. Bhagiratha’s Super-Determinism coordinated Jeeva, Ishwara, and Jagat and made Ganga Avatarana happen. Ganga Avatarana happened through the Paramadvaita, the Super-Determinism of Bhagiratha. Manifesting through the free will of Bhagiratha, Shiva Sankalpa, God’s will of Ishwara and as the pre-destined natural law of the universe – through all three – and made Ganga Avatarana happen.

So I am repeating.

Free will is your individual Swatantra, science and rationality, and atheists, go on promoting “everything about life is free will.” And they have so much of pseudo logic to substantiate or try to substantiate it. The Tubako logic, if you ask the second question you will become Tubuk.

Free will alone is not everything. Same way, some of the old orthodox schools, they insist, they try to repeatedly establish everything is pre-destined, the natural law of the universe. No. That is also not the complete truth. Some religious people try to establish the Ishwara Sankalpa is everything. Because Ishwara Sankalpa is actually, indescribable. Because of its very nature of indescribable, it is in the zone of irrefutable, but that does make, the truth is establishable. Listen.

Irrefutable is not the quality of the establishable.

Ishwara Sankalpa can be proved as irrefutable but not establishable.

I am not disrespecting Ishwara Sankalpa, nor am I underestimating or projecting the power of Ishwara Sankalpa as something less. I am trying to tell you the ultimate truth is – from the core where Ishwara Sankalpa and the natural law of the Universe and free will, all three are one and the same, Paramadvaita is established in one root – From that what raises that Super-Determinism is life and that is the solution for all your doubts, about yourself self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial. Or guru-doubt, Guru-hatred, Guru-denial, or God-doubt, God-hatred, God-denial. Or Life-doubt, life-hatred, life-denial. People suffer from these 4. SDHD, LDHD – SDHD is self-doubt, self-hatred, and self-denial. LDHD means life-doubt, life-hatred, life-denial. When a doubt arises and it does not get solved continuously – it evolves into hatred – and even in the level of hate, if the doubt is not solved, it evolves into denial.

Doubt is not ordinary; simple problem.

There is a beautiful verse. The Guru’s feet Samsaya Rakshasa Naasa Mahastram. Samsaya, doubt is described, equated, as a Rakshasa, demon, devil, Satan.

Samsaya Rakshasa Naasa Mahastram. Samsaya is Rakshasa. It starts as a doubt, evolves as a hatred, ripes as denial. You suffer with 4 levels of doubts, SDHD – self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial. LDHD life-doubt, life-hated, life-denial. GDHD – God-doubt, God-hatred, God-denial. And one more GDHD – Guru-doubt, Guru-hatred, Guru-denial.

These 4 Rakshasas, SDHD, LDHD GDHD and GDHD 2. All these 4 can be destroyed with this one understanding, one cognition. Sit – Even if it takes half an hour – Contemplate. This ultimate truth which Guru gives you as an initiation. I am giving you this truth as initiation. In the core foundation of existence, you – your free will, individual soul – Jeeva, God – the Ishwara, Shiva Sankalpa, and Jagat, the natural law of the universe, Jagat all the three are established, root, centered in the same source of the existence. All these three are one and the same in the core. Cognize this and from that cognition, manifest yourself; that is called Super-Determinism.

In that Super-Determinism, all the three individual will, the pre-destined, natural law of the universe, Shiva Sankalpa, Ishwara Shakti, all three manifest synergetically. When you decide to manifest Super-Determinism, Paramatma Shakti, all three manifest, synergetically. That synergy manifests your life. Your success.

If you are going for a business meeting, sit and cognize – the Paramadvaita Satya, Jeeva, Ishwara, Jagat all three are one and the same and established in the same source of existence. I am that, I am that Paramashiva, I am that cosmos, I am that universe, in which all the three are established. From this I make the Super-Determinism, from this I manifest, what I want to manifest.

You will see the synergy of Jeeveshwarajagat – Jeeva, Ishwara and Jagat manifesting in you and making your life. Every time you manifest Super-Determinism you will see success. Every time you see success, your SDHD – self-doubt, self-hatred self-denial LDHD – life-doubt, life-hatred life-denial, GDHD – god-doubt, God-hatred, God-denial, another GDHD – Guru-doubt, Guru-hatred, Guru-denial, all these four gets burnt away. All these four loses its power over you, its grip over you.

Samsaya Rakshasa gets destroyed. Samsaya Rakshasa loses its grip over you.

Again and again and again – bring the Super-Determinism. Listen.

Bhagiratha did not manifest Super-Determinism in the first effort of the tapas towards Brahma itself. He tried, he manifested one level. Then he tried with Shiva. He manifested next level. Then again he tried towards Shiva he manifested next level. Then again he tried with Jahnu Maharishi and manifested next level. Even Bhagiratha tried again and again and manifested the Super-Determinism – You also decide:  you will be like Bhagiratha and manifest Super-Determinism.

And I bless you all – as the direct descendant of Bhagiratha. All of you should know, Bhagiratha was the king of Surya Vamsa. So as the direct descendant of Bhagiratha, I bless all of you and all Bhagiratha prayatnam. Paramatma Shakti Praptirastu. Paramatma Shakti Praptirastu. Paramatma Shakti Praptirastu.

So if you have any questions you can ask, you can put your questions, I will answer.

Paramashiva Gabriel is asking: “How to always be connected and intuitive?”

Understand, every time, consciously deciding to connect. is the only way to be connected. There is no other technique, there is no other automated… See, whenever you ask for a technique you are trying to always ask auto-mode, “Can I put my flight in auto-mode? Can I put my car in auto-mode?” Same way you think you can put your life in auto-mode – YOU CAN’T! Live has to be lived, it can’t be put in auto-mode. You can’t put autopilot mode for life. You can put autopilot mode for car, flight, all the other vehicles, but for life you cannot put autopilot mode – Every time you should consciously decide to bring Paramadvaita and Super-Determinism.

Vinayaka is asking: “Swamiji, my mother is asking, why this hatredness prevails around her?”

Listen, I will not try to answer why, I can answer how she can break this. Tell her to start practicing Super-Determinism. She can break that hatredness around her.

Bhuvaneshwar Singh is asking: “Swamiji, when everything is God’s manifestation, then why so much injustice happening in the world?”

Bhuvaneshwar Singh, either you accept everything is God’s manifestation, then it has to be only good, like a God, or accept there is so much injustice, it is not God’s manifestation, something else is happening. The ultimate real answer for this question is… Watch this Satsang – I think you have joined just now – Watch this Satsang fully and understand, neither the gods will, nor the natural law of the universe or the individual’s free will, is a complete answer for life – It is Super-Determinism, that is the complete answer for life.

Keitan Geboyd is asking: “Swamiji, how to hold the super-deterministic cognition, when the individual will is shaken?”

Keitan Geboyd, listen. Individual will is shaken because of your SDHD – Self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial. Because your individual will is shaken you need to hold on to Super-Determinism. It is like you are asking: “When I can’t sleep, how can I take sleeping pill?” Hey! Because you can’t sleep, you need to take sleeping medicine. Because your individual will is shaken you need to strongly start hold on to the Super-Determinism. Super-Determinism, manifesting the Super-Determinism doesn’t need your individual will. Super-Determinisms manifest from your Soul, Atma, Consciousness – Your individual will is more like your ego. It starts manifesting from your ego, so your individual will is not required for manifesting your Super-Determinism.

Ma Nithya Jalandharananda is messaging: “Gratitude Prabhu, this Satsang I really needed.”

Not only you, Jalandhara, the whole world needs this Satsang. All of you sit and transcribe this Satsang, only when you transcribe you will see how many words you are missing. You need to catch every word I uttered, only then you can understand the Super-Determinism and destroy SDHD, LDHD, GDHD and GUDHD – All four.

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