Establish Your Ideas About Wealth and Health On The Cosmic Reality

The essence lies in aligning with Cosmic principles for true wealth. Understand that wealth is the ability to fulfill your life's mission, not just currency in the bank. Shift your focus from greed to purpose-aligned ideas about money, health, relationships, and life.

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So I have something unique and important to share with you all today. This power manifestation science…. and science of completion…. science of powerful cognitions – all this is fundamentally established in the truth of Cosmic existence. Listen. See, the currency is established in your greed. If suddenly everyone loses greed, the currency has no value. The value of the gold is established on everyone’s greed to have gold, that’s all. Suddenly if the greed to have gold vanishes, the value of the gold vanishes. The value of the diamond is established in everyone’s greed to have a diamond. If everyone’s greed to have a diamond vanishes, the diamond and the stone will be the same.

Each country has its laws. The law of the land is established in their constitution. If the constitution is changed or it loses power over the territory, the laws vanish, and the laws have no more value. They are…they have no value. But this science of power manifestation, the science of completion, the science of powerful cognition manifestations, which I am talking to all of you, sharing with all of you, giving as experience to all of you, is established in Existential Cosmic reality. Understand. It doesn’t get bound by any situation, atmosphere, territory, geography, time or history.

Listen carefully. For example – You work hard, put a lot of intelligence, and build an amazing bungalow in your dream, first by…first earn money, then saving money, and then buying all the right materials. Things which change if the atmosphere changes, ideas changes, geography changes, are all delusory; they all exist in illusion.

You work so hard and build a home in your dream – what’s the use? No use. Working so hard and building a house in a dream… when you wake up, it is no more reality.

Same way, if you are earning and building a big business in a country… suddenly the country gets into war and it loses its currency value – what will happen to your whole thing? Waste!  Understand. Put your energy and time into ephemeral things, only to the level you need to run your life, not more than that. The economy is all about Intelligence, not about greed. If you are functioning out of greed, the fellow who planted greed in you is successful, not you! You are working for him!

Listen carefully. A few days before, it was a very intimate conversation with decision makers of My Sangha – the accountant, the chief…CFO and legal adviser, all the top guys sitting with Me. They were not ready to accept one of My decision. See, My decision was, “Don’t leave anything left in the bank end of the year. Finish off.” That was My policy and they were not ready to accept that policy. They said, “No, we are a huge organization and that cannot be the right policy.” I tell you, understand, an organization like us, for us, what is wealth you know? Not 100 crore sitting in the bank, but spending that in activities and charity, what for we are created and making again the money flow into it and continuously spending and making it flow; making this circle happening is the wealth of an organization, not the 100 crore sitting in the bank. Understand. If I think the 100 crore sitting in the bank is the wealth – the bank will be wealthy, not Me! I am not interested in working to make banks wealthy. I am interested in making this Sangha wealthy.

What is the wealth of the Sangha? Its ability to generate and spend on its mission, on its goal. Listen carefully. Acid wash your ideas about money with this clarity. Let your idea about money be aligned to your goal, not to your greed. If it is aligned with your greed, whoever has planted greed in you will be rich, not you! If I was carrying the greed for money….who plants the greed for money in our head? – Banks and Reserve Banks ultimately. So I’ll be putting all the money into them, so who will be rich? – They! I will be just working as a slave for them to be rich. That is not economy, that is not Intelligence.

Wealth means the structure which receives and spends it off, which has the courage and confidence to receive more – spend it off, receive more – spend it off, receive more – spend it off. Making this mission happen, the ability to do what we are doing, what we are supposed to do, is the wealth of the Sangha… not the currency sitting in the bank. The ability to do your mission every day is the wealth of you and your life.

Listen very carefully. This is the Cosmic principle of economy. What is wealth? Your ability to complete and be intensely active in what you are supposed to do… not the bank balance sitting. If I think, “Bank balance sitting is My wealth”, I’ll be making the bank wealthy not Me and I am not interested in working to make somebody else wealthy. No! I am very clear. I am brilliant about it. Let greed not become your blind spot.

Let your idea about money be established on Cosmic principles. Let your idea about health be established on Cosmic principles.

Your goal is to manifest powers. For that, you need to do yoga. If your body allows you to do what you are supposed to do, only then you are healthy. Otherwise, don’t think even if you are gyming 24 hours a day, building 18-inch biceps and 8-pack, that’s not healthy. Health is not all about 18-inch biceps and 8-pack, no! It is all aboutis your body aligning to your purpose’ – That is health.

Understand what I am trying to say? All your ideas about health, wealth, happiness, relationships, all that be more and more grounded on Cosmic principles, that is what I call manifesting powerful cognitions. That is what I call manifesting powerful cognitions. Let your idea about body, let your idea about love, let your idea about sex, let your idea about marriage, let your idea about money, let your idea about life, let your idea about death, everything, let it be more and more centred on Cosmic principles, which does not change by the change of the vatavarana or the law of the land or the society’s understandings or the morality of the society or the common understandings of the society.

An Individual’s integrity to the Universe is Moksha. A collective understanding of the Cosmic principles is Dharma. Making yourself resourceful… in tune with the Cosmic principles is Artha. Celebrating your existence in tune with the Cosmos is Kama.

Understand. Now I have given very high-level formulas…today I wanted all the MahaSadāshivoham participants to write a few of the powerful cognitions, which you can derive from these high principles. Last few days, I have given you so many different powerful cognitions, from various angles. Like now I said, “What is wealth?” Your ability to perform what you are supposed to perform is wealth. Your ability to make the circle move. Your ability to make your mission happen.

Your ability to melt down towards your Source is Devotion. Your stability with your Source is Oneness.

Listen. It is actually evolving new, new powerful cognitions, so they start manifesting as powers in you. When you understand your ability to complete the circle of your life’s mission is your wealth, you will manifest the power to complete it. You will develop, you will become the CEO, you will become the CFO, you will become everything! You will not wait for somebody else to give you economic advice. You will say, “Oh, I can only cook. Putting that into my mouth somebody else has to do and putting the dress on me somebody else has to do, breathing somebody else has to do. Then putting me in the car somebody else has to do and putting me on the seat somebody else has to do.” No!! You will manifest all the powers required, end to end, to complete you. Understand. If you are able to complete you end to end with your clear mission, you are a leader. Till you become complete, you will be part of somebody else’s completion. Understand. If you are the complete wheel, you will feel you are a leader. If you are part of somebody else’s wheel, you will feel you are a slave and you will feel always you are trampled upon. You are….you will be trampled upon!! If you don’t want to become a wheel, complete, naturally somebody will be trampling upon you!

When you manifest this powerful cognition – ‘making my life end to end, complete, is my wealth’….

I gave you one example of My inner circle meeting. One of the major decisions I make – Spend everything, and have the courage, guts, ability, and efficiency, to do more and more good to people, so more and more people donate, and more and more we spend. Keeping this chakra alive is our wealth. Our ability to keep this dharma chakra moving is our wealth… not the bank balance in the bank.

In your life also when you manifest this powerful cognition, suddenly you will develop all the skill sets required. You will manifest all the powers required to make this happen. You will not be handicapped by your CFO, CEO and their advisors. Who knows what is their vested interest and why they are advising what they are advising? No! You need to make your circle complete. When you manifest that powerful cognition – you manifest powers required also to complete. Contemplate on this. Manifest this powerful cognition and powers.

I bless you all, let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, MahaSadāshivoham, the Eternal Bliss – Nithyananda.

Thank you.

Be Blissful.

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