Revelations About Biology, Chemistry, & Physics From Vedic Tradition

The SPH delves into the concepts of physics, chemistry, and biology circuits, emphasizing their profound connection to consciousness in Hindu tradition. Physics is the manifestation of power, biology is the conscious resource, and chemistry acts as the bridge between the two, facilitating power manifestation.

Table of Contents

Yesterday, I opened up a few statements about – what is happening in the last few days! The physics circuits, chemistry circuits, biology circuits – these are the 3 words I used yesterday. Circuit means the energy current which makes some unique happening as reality, which can be produced on any living consciousness, including Sthavara and Jangama. Listen. In Hindu tradition, plants which does not move …but grow, stones which does not move or grow, even all of them are considered to be conscious. Please understand. The frequency of the Consciousness is different but all of them are also considered to be conscious. So the circuit… means an energy map which makes certain happenings, which can be reproduced in any living consciousness. 

Now let me come to the word – physics, chemistry, biology. Listen. When I use the word ‘physics’, I mean reality – means which is happening. Biology means – the resource, from which this is happening. Chemistry means – the action or reaction which makes this happen.

Physics is happening. Biology is the resource from which it is happening. Chemistry is the action or reaction, which is responsible for this happening. 

Physics means – you are manifesting a power. The power is manifesting. That is Physics. 

Biology means – the resource, the Consciousness from which you manifest the powerful cognition, that resource is Biology – you. 

Chemistry means – when that powerful cognition manifests in you, the action and reaction, which makes this power manifestation happen. 

Chemistry is the bridge between Biology and Physics. 

Physics circuit, chemistry circuit, biology circuit, all these three….. Listen carefully. Physics circuit, chemistry circuit, biology circuit, all these three fields have been explored by our ancient masters, our great visionaries. The science of all these circuits only is our Vedas and Agamas. Actually, I did not expect you guys to understand even one statement and I am also very clear, I will be understood more and more only in the course of time. I am way ahead of My time. Of course, all Visionaries have to be way ahead of their time. That is what is the definition of Visionary. And…. all Visionaries have to be way ahead of their time – no other way…. because it is ‘Vision’ that becomes ‘Mission’. Much of My satsangs are neither news reading nor movie… it is just getting documented for the purpose of the future. I am putting it in record, getting documented for the purpose of future research and development. 

Understand now. Maybe this definition of Physics, this definition of Chemistry, this definition of Biology – is going to be analysed, and researched for years! This is the definition of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, from the Cosmic perspective, from the perspective of the Cosmos. 

All happening is ‘Physics’.  

All Kārana – reason… action and reaction for the happening is ‘Chemistry’. 

The base in which both are happening, the resource, is ‘Biology’. 

Why it is called ‘resource’ you know – it is the source which can be replenished. The source which need not be replenished will be called as ‘source’ – which is Consciousness. The source, but not its pure form, which is replenished again and again – is ‘resource’. Biology…… Biology is not pure consciousness. It is like a source which needs to be replenished again and again – which is replenished again and again. That is why I am using the word ‘resource’ for biology. 

Now let me define exactly what is happening. I am seeing many circuits related to Physics; like how our Masters used aircraft for interplanetary travel and interspace travel. And I wanted to tell you, that maybe sooner or later science will prove – Nobody has… human being has gone to the moon, no one has gone to the moon. It’s all story! No one has walked on the moon. There is no air station outside the Vali Mandala – the breathing space of the Planet Earth. Man as of now has not moved out of the breathing space of Planet Earth. Let it be on record. Time….time will prove I am right.

The happening called ‘Physics’ – like the battery of Agasthya, aircraft circuits of Bharadwaja, all these are opening up, getting downloaded. One of the first things I saw, was many of the blind spots the so-called modern science is not able to solve, all those questions and answers are coming up. I am seeing like a conscious bubble….how that water bubbles come and open up, like that the conscious bubbles coming up and opening up. I saw one unique circuit. It just like popped up in the brain and started moving all over the body. Understand. When I am using this word, you should not understand as this brain and this body. You should understand as Cosmic brain – the Brahma, Hiranyagarbha and moving in the whole Cosmos. 

The revelation, when that movement was happening was – ‘human beings do not know to store the electricity, without reducing its intensity’. Understand. Still human beings don’t know how to store electricity without reducing its intensity. It is still a blind spot for human beings. Because from the ancient texts when they translated and tried to grasp and grab, these guys who were trying to grab and grasp, their brain was not that evolved. The brain grooves were not that evolved. 

Understand. Only a brain grown in a vegetarian body, when I say ‘vegetarian body’, at least last 3-4 generations the body should have been vegetarian. Understand. I am not trying to create any conflict. As a scientist, I have to tell you the truth. If you are born from a family where hereditary vegetarians, you are the most blessed body. You have the best body for this kind of experiment. I am telling you….I am not trying to put others into depression and……I am not trying to put others into a low mood and all that. When I need to reveal the truth, I have to reveal the truth. If you are born from a vegetarian family, at least where few generations they were all vegetarians and you are also a vegetarian, I tell you… if the Vedas are inserted into your system, the Agamic circuits are inserted into your system, without any blind spots it becomes reality.

These so-called “grabbers”, did not have the patience to take a few Brahmanas and make them teach….our Brahmanas are such sweet people. You give them food, they will teach you. I tell you, they would not have asked for royalty but these dogs want to grasp and kill us, does not want to give credit to us. That is where the whole problem is. If these dogs were just giving food, we would have taught everything. Cheap fellows! Cheap fellows! Stealing the knowledge and not giving water to that mouth – that is the way our knowledge has been stolen. Once a Brahmana has taught everything, he was just killed. You don’t know what our ancestors went through in the hands of knowledge thieves and women thieves. The lusty dogs on one side killing our Kshatriyas for our women… beautiful women and DNA. Knowledge-thirsty thieves were literally killing our men Brahmins…. after taking the knowledge. But the fools did not have the patience to grasp the whole thing. If they had little patience, our Brahmanas were so intelligent, even if somebody had a non-vegetarian body, they would have trained that body, and purified it with pure ghee…. I tell you, ‘ghee smoke’ if you inhale, all the parasites of the non-vegetarian will leave your system. Ghee smoke; burn ghee and rice and inhale that smoke, all the parasites built in your system due to a non-vegetarian lifestyle, will leave your system. We had amazing methodologies to cleanse the body and anybody who burns ghee and rice every day and inhales that smoke will have the brain cleansed by all the non-vegetarian toxins and parasites. Their brain will become capable of developing subtle grooves, which can understand all these Cosmic circuits. 

These fools were not….. I tell you… all the royalty money and all the pride of being the source of education was snatched from our poor Brahmins. It is actually how you know, when a mother delivers a baby, she is still in that ecstasy….understand one more thing – the whole science of delivery, Sadāshiva very clearly says, “During delivery, no organic body goes into coma.” It is a lie taught to you. She actually becomes alive, because she is Devi at that time. Devi in action!! Understand. Biology, Chemistry, and Physics of Devi, all three are in action when she is delivering a baby. She can’t go into coma. It is lies taught to us. When she is delivering a baby, she is in ecstasy and thieves come and steal the baby, before even letting her get down from her ecstasy and defend. That is the way the knowledge was stolen from our simple naive Brahmanas. And just we should not question them… that is the reason, so much of atrocities against Brahmanas. This whole ‘untouchability’, what are they talking about?! Not a single documentation is there, where Brahmana – Shudra war! Tell Me a single documentation Brahmana – Shudra war! You can’t suppress a group forever and all! 

Understand. The Para, the Ultimate, of course – Vaidics call it Para Brahman, Vaishnavites call it Parama Pada, Shaivites call it Para Shiva, the Para….Para is the space from which all this ultimate is revealed, constantly released for downloading. Any body that replenishes itself, with the Consciousness of Para, downloads. It is like a…if you just pump the water from the ocean, you get the pearls, fishes, everything from the ocean. If you take your conscious inspiration from the Para, understand, the purpose of your existence… whatever you believe is the purpose of your existence that is Para for you.

If you believe money is the purpose of your existence, you will sleep in that mood; that is your Para, that is what replenishes you. It’s called kārana – Para kārana. For somebody, if the Cosmic Consciousness is the Para for their existence, they get replenished every day when they sleep or fall into that space, they get replenished from that Para. When that Para replenishing happens, the pearls, diamonds, and everything which comes along with that is what the circuits I am revealing to all of you. 

Understand. If you suck the water from ocean, you will get pearls, even sharks, coming in that water. Same way, constantly when I replenish Myself into that Para, the circuits of Physics Reality and circuits of Chemistry Reality and circuits of Biology Reality, getting downloaded, is what I am sitting and sharing with you all. I’ll first explain this whole happening, because this precise details I am giving are recorded, in many of the Puranas, in the Shastras. Especially in the Naimisharanya, if you read the intimate conversations between Rishis, the question-answers, Rishis asking questions and the senior Rishis answering, Acharyas answering, if you listen to all that, whatever now I am talking you will understand, very precisely, this circuits of ……aircraft circuits of Bharadwaja, battery circuits of Agasthya, all that…. see, when I was seeing the battery circuit of Agasthya, one of the important thing I saw getting downloaded, soon I will establish in Physics form, means already Chemistry has happened, Biology…it has come into the biology system and the chemistry opening up has happened, now I will do….I’ll make it into reality as a Physics. 

I’ll tell you, the blind spot – Why human beings are not able to store the electricity without reducing its intensity…. because their brain is not at all capable of understanding – the higher intensity does not need to be reduced for continuity! 

Listen. Non-veg brain knows only the ups and downs. It cannot be in up continuously. Listen. Only a person who knows continuous up is possible, can grasp – ‘without reducing the intensity continuity is possible’. Never a common brain understands intensity and continuity – infinity and continuity. Some of the major scientists and their theories, I am debunking. 

E = not MC2 … cannot be MC2.  What is MC2? The difference between intensity and continuity. What is Energy? What is Matter? Matter is continuity, Energy is intensity. MC… What do you call as matter? – Anything continued. What do you call as energy? – Anything intense. The intensity and continuity is separate for a non-veg crooked brain, which has seen only ups and downs. Only a vegetarian brain which can retain the experiences continuously without losing the intensity, can understand M and C is not MC, it is M C. Understand. Brain which cannot grasp M C calls as M and C. MC cannot be squared because it is not M and C. Listen. Any up cannot continue is the root pattern of the non-veg brain. Only a vegetarian brain, an organic brain, which has grown organically can understand – intensity and continuity are not… not only opposites, they are not two different things. See, this Western symbol of Infinity itself is intensity and continuity’s conflict – ups and downs [demonstrates ∞ with His rudraksh wrist band]. Eastern symbol of Infinity is this only [shows His rudraksh wrist band]. The eastern symbol of Infinity is Linga, Bindu. This only – no ups and downs. Western symbol of Infinity is this – ups and downs, conflict; because intensity and continuity cannot be grasped by non-veg brain. 

Sometimes people try to tell Me, “Oh, in Vedic times also, people were non-vegetarian.” Understand. By non-availability sometimes some groups might have eaten, that is recorded in the Vedic tradition, but that was not a recommended food for anybody who wants to explore this science. So listen carefully, intensity and continuity….now I have clearly said – Intensity is energy, continuity is matter; that’s all. It means all continuity is a certain intensity and all intensity is a certain continuity. All M is C and all C is M. All C even while they were C – M, all M even while they were M – C. 

The brain which can grasp intensity and continuity will not be two word or two experiences or two definitions… a brain which can perceive intensity and continuity are not two separate… that brain can draw the circuit and handle electricity, store it without reducing its intensity.

One more funny thing you need to know – Agasthya puts a battery circuit… the funny thing is, the initial charging of that battery has to be done by the person who makes it – his body, his bio-current, bio-energy. Whoever first programs that body, that battery body… after that it will function forever with that programming. If I believe energy and intensity are simultaneous happening, that way that battery will be charged. If I believe in My core, energy and intensity is separate and one has to compromised for the other, it will be charged that way. It will continue to function in that way. Listen. Cognitions matter in circuit of Physics because… Chemistry of the Physics functions by cognition. One of the biggest stupidity modern day education is suffering, is separation of the subjects. Instead of teaching the Oneness of the Universe… separation of the subject. 

In Ayurvedic tradition if you go – diagnosis, medicine, making medicine – Pharmacist, everything end to end – one person! Go to Allopathy, right eye – separate person, left eye – separate person, diagnosis – separate person, studying the diagnosis and reporting to you is separate person, cure deduction is separate person, pharmacy is separate person, collecting the things needed for the medicine is separate person. ‘Separation’ makes things more and more complicated. The whole modern education is fundamentally – separation based. Unfortunately, maybe next 10 years, even our Gurukul has to suffer that, because till I create the alternative mechanism as a living reality and make it…give the confidence….hope I will not take 10 years. I should not take 10 years… but till then we are also suffering with the modern education. Understand. If a child is taught Chemistry is separate, English is separate, Sacred Arts is separate, Geography is separate, Biology is separate, you destroyed him. After that how much ever you teach him, you destroyed him. You need to teach him the brain which downloads and understands all the circuit, which can cut across. “Bhur Bhuvah Swaha Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayat – Let me meditate on that energy which sharpens my intelligence, ‘Dhee’ which can cut across everything and reveal its revelations to me.” That is education – sharpening ‘Dhee’ not dumping memory. Whole Western education is expanding Chitta. Whole Eastern education is sharpening Buddhi. 

Ability to download the circuits….modern education brainwashes a man about the ability to download circuits. It says very clearly, “You can excel if you collect memories, concepts, past experiences of one tradition, you can excel.” Understand. Excellence-based education is McCaulay’s. Acceleration-based education is Sadāshiva’s. You are constantly triggered and accelerated. Both are different, completely different. Ability to see through, ability to accelerate yourself, ability to be realizing MC is your state, no M, no C – separately. Intensity and continuity is natural. You see, whenever you get high, you always believe that is not going to be natural. You feel, “Okay, satsang I heard so I am in high, maybe by tomorrow noon I will settle down, then we will talk.” Even you tell that! You are so clear, the intensity is not going to be continued, you believe it so strong and you want to confirm to that belief. 

Intensity is energy, continuity is matter… and the brain which is made to believe – both are not One suffers forever. This is what I call Bipolar disorder. This is what is Cosmic Bipolar disorder. If you are made to believe, intensity and continuity are separate, that’s called Cosmic Bipolar disorder, which is not! Understand. This…. [shows the mic] you call this as a matter because it is continuous. Naturally, it has intensity. You call this sound as energy because it comes and goes, but you need to know, that also has a continuity. Continuity and Intensity are not Guna, they are Svabhava. Guna is different, Svabhava is different. Attribute and Attitude are different… natural spontaneous existence is different. 

Attributing attitude….you see, you attribute something to somebody, that’s called ‘judging’. He carries sometimes some things and sometimes not that same things, that’s called ‘attitude’. What he carries which is impermanent is ‘attitude’- what you dump on him which is also impermanent is ‘attribute’. Attitude and attribute is Guna. What others believe you carry or what you believe you carry for some time is called Guna. If you go and read the Sanskrit dictionary, definition of the word ‘Guna’, this is the precise definition. Svabhava means even in the deep sleep, somebody slaps you and wakes you up, how you express you – that is Svabhava. A spontaneous natural expression – Sva-bhava. Continuity is the svabhava of intensity, not attribute of intensity. Intensity is the svabhava of continuity, not attribute of….one and the other.

We’ll build Agasthya’s battery. No, we’ll have to prove this because from whom you take Shaktipata matters. See, we’ll put two Agasthya’s battery. One – a common man who believes intensity and continuity are not the same – he puts his hand and charges through his bio-energy, bio-electricity. In another one battery, I put… where I have cognized – intensity and continuity are one and the same. I put the hand and energize it. This battery needs to be recharged and this battery will never need to be recharged. 

Understand. Listen, listen, listen. Even these circuits, when you read this Agasthya’s battery, if your brain has cognized intensity and continuity are one and the same, that circuit will be completely revealed to you. A brain which has never cognized, if he reads that same circuit he will understand only that much. That is what is right persons need to decode the Shastras. Who comments, who initiates matters. From whom you receive Shaktipata matters. From whom you receive Shaktipata matters. Same copper, if it is touched by the brain which believes intensity and continuity are different, it will hold that energy, need to be recharged again and again once in 12 years. If it is touched by the brain which realizes intensity and continuity are not two different, they are Svabhava of same space, it gets energized and it radiates energy forever. No pratistha – no visarjana is required after that. It becomes alive forever. 

And the most beautiful thing I am seeing… the biology which is the body, the ground on which everything is happening….you need to understand, that is why in Hindu tradition, Geography is worshipped as Biology. ‘Bhuma Devi’. All geography is revered as biology in Hindu tradition. All rivers, all hills, earth, everything is biology. Geography is Biology in Hinduism. ‘Body’ in Sanskrit if you see….the whole thing, the whole geography where things happen, is named only as biology. Hill is a biology, river is a biology, earth is a biology – Bhuma Devi. Whether in naming or glorifying or research and analysis, in any level, West never brings biology into the fantasy of geography. In Hindu tradition, always biology is the fantasy of geography. 

Understand. Naming and faming is fantasy. Naming and shaming is judging. Naming and faming…..I am repeating, listen – naming and faming is fantasy. When we see the river, we name and fame – Kaveri – biology. Naming and shaming is judging. So, throughout… in Hindu tradition, always biology was considered as the fame of geography. No, this satsang is not for watching once, you need to watch at least 5-6 times. Other than how to make atom bomb, I think I have spoken.

I tell you, if you had hot flash even once while you are asleep, hot flash, sometimes the hormonal imbalance, women may go through during their periods and menopause, men may go through when they are too low or too high, that hot flashes. Understand. A person with jata will never go through hot flash. Try! If you had hot flashes, after jata just see, you will not have hot flash. It’s a use of jata, note down. Understand. Biology is the glory of geography, not as accidental way… we know that is the Reality. 

And next listen. The resource – Ganga, even though she is a geography, she is revered as a biology and she replenishes herself from the source – Sadāshiva. That is why coming from Sadāshiva’s head. Description. Circuits of biology, circuits of chemistry, circuits of physics – Resource, action – reaction, which causes the happening, physics. You see, resource – biology, the action and reaction is chemistry, its manifestation happening is physics. 

If you want to fly… the Vedic aircraft, all these three….listen….the aircraft – the biology – the body, is kept in the right temperature needed for your body by the support of your body only. There is no separate circuit and that same circuit only generates the energy of accelerating the equipment and the same energy only moves physically in physical reality; no three separate mechanism. To keep the air pressure inside the flight, one separate mechanism is used in aircraft and to create the pressure – the engine – separate fuel is used, separate energy is generated to push, that is separate circuit. The third, this movement happening is balanced and kept up and low or increasing or lowering the speed, based on what the way we want. The physics, chemistry, biology of aircraft is separate, separate because it is conceived by the brain which believes intensity and continuity is separate, separate. 

But Bharadwaja, his brain does not believe intensity and continuity is separate, he knows both are one and the same. So, you use the same the hand to keep the temperature and the air pressure of the cabin and the same hand only as the fuel to move and the same hand only as the physical manipulation of increasing or lowering the speed or the height or the landing and taking off and everything. If any of you are from the field of this aircrafts, you will understand, the whole aircraft is only these three circuits. That’s all. After that this air hostess giving you brandy, beer, whiskey – that is separate. No, I am not talking about that. Fundamentally, the aircraft is only this three circuits. 

These three are not separated in Bharadwaja’s circuits because chemistry and biology of the physics, physics and chemistry of biology, biology physicality of the chemistry, is one and the same. Physicality of biology and chemistry, chemistry of biology and physics, and alchemy of biology and physics….. You see, physics, chemistry and biology, chemistry’s physics and biology, biology’s chemistry and physics – is one and the same. 

Shiva – Shakti – Kumara. Soma – Asi – Skanda. Soma is biology, Asi – chemistry, Skanda – physics. The whole Somaskanda is one and the same. All you need is only one person who knows little bit of this aeronautic science and My cognition of what I am saying, with this context if you read the Bharadwajas circuits – over – done!!  We have….I don’t know Nobel Prize, I am not interested in that. Anybody who knows little aeronautic, in that field little knowledge, if you listen to this satsang from this context, read the Bharadwajas verses, you can get Nobel Prizes. 

Fundamentally, you need to look at the aircraft, the physics, chemistry and biology, is separated by the conspired, constipated brain. You see, if somebody disturbs you, it is conspiracy. If you disturb you, it is constipation. Understand. If you see all the three circuits as Oneness, from that understanding if you see Bharadwajas verses and sutras, you will simply create something extraordinary, which does not need any energy from sun……Aye…all these stupid things solar ener….solar empower, solar powered, all these…..stupid!! I am telling you, I am going to out date all this solar powered, lunar powered, everything! That what you call – air powered….whatever, whatever. It is all going to be now ‘conscious powered’. If you are – you are empowering it. That’s all. Get into the aircraft, it will fly, it will listen to you. That’s it. 

I tell you, let this be on record – “If the Silicon Valley, decides to use the Ganga Maati, means 20 feet deeper than the water level in Ganga….Ganga where the stops and mud starts, 20 feet down, take that silicon and program, you can create artificial intelligence silicon which listens and manifests 1000 times more intensely than the silicon you are using now.” The silicon you are using, its ability to receive command and manifest it, understand, most of you would have seen, our guys were moving the matter on the tablet….some people were even commenting, “Oh, the tablet gets switched on and that vibration…..” No! It is lie. You can easily move on the tablet, why you know – that silicon listens and gives the instruction. That silicon receives your instruction, amplifies and tells the matter – it moves; easy. 

And now I am telling you, get the plate made by Ganga maati and keep it on that and move, it will move 100 times more speed. Only thing, around 10 feet mud has been destroyed already by the leather industry, so go 20 feet, that’s all. 20 feet below its still organic. 10 feet has been destroyed by this leather industry and all the non-organic abusal. If you go above the… Gangotri, then even on the floor, means on the bed what you get also is enough, because there, there is no abusal, there is no non-organic, there is no disrespect done to Mother. She is pure as she is. The Chandalas, even if you see them it is dangerous – this only. Ganga even seeing them is dangerous. Even if they see you all full happy blissful, they can’t…..ah…ahh. 

Listen. One more thing. All knowledge, instruction – length based, like a laptops, computers, IPhones, for all of that use the chip from Ganga maati. All the music storage apps, visual storage apps, use Yamuna maati. Yamuna is the stream of Art – Krishna. Ganga is the stream of knowledge – Shiva. All kind of this robot, where it needs to process information and need to take decision, use Saraswati’s. It is independent intelligence. 

In Brahmana’s house, Saraswati is the decider. 

In Vaishnava’s house, the lady keeps the whole wealth under the control. 

In Shaivite’s house, half- half-energy. 

It’s the thought current and lifestyle.

Saraswati….the silicon of Saraswati, if you take and make…filter the silicon and make the chips, for wherever you need artificial intelligence, it will help you 1000 times. Let this all be in record, I’ll prove all this, you will see… because these are all chemically awakened, physically manifesting proven biology. It is already…this biology is already used for alchemy and it has already been established it is success for all these, this kind of activities… for all these kind of happenings. 

I tell you, all the Hindu Gods and Goddesses, their forms, are nothing but circuits seen by our Rishis when they manifest those powers; the light circuit appears in the brain. For example – the knowledge – the light circuit appears in their brain is MahaSaraswati. So, the same Dhyana Sloka which they delivered, if you meditate, that same light circuit will be awakened in you. That is why the Dhyana should be done with the Dhyana Sloka, not some Shunya. “Sontha Kasulayada poi soonyam Vachupeenga?” Erukara soonyam pothathunu evano aevi udaran soonya dhyanamnu! All Dhyana should be done with the Dhyana Sloka. Anybody who does Dhyana without Dhyana Sloka, falls into Shunya – depression. These Shunya meditations are the most dangerous; never get into that… as if you are not already depressed! It is like a pig feels too dirty smell and puts the nose into the drainage. Only if you take the face out, head out, the nose can smell the dirty smell, so put the nose into the drainage, no smell is felt you see ☺ That is what is depressed people putting themself into Shunya meditation. 

Understand. What I will call an ‘organic brain’ you know? When you read a Dhyana Sloka and understand, just if that form you are able to carve it in your brain, without missing a leg or a hand or a neck or a ayudha or a, any part, you are an organic brain. Just you recite the Dhyana Sloka and you are able to just visualize and keep the visualization alive… your brain is organic brain. This is the definition of an ‘organic brain’. 

I tell you, somebody wrote coffee is banned in the Sangha. No! Coffee and chocolate is not banned, I am only asking you guys to do it organically and have it. Because in Bhagha Shastra, both are mentioned and I have also experimented organic coffee and chocolate, helps you to awaken this ability to keep the visualization for long. So, organic coffee and organic chocolate is not only accepted – encouraged! Like Neem juice… organic coffee and organic chocolate, both….unfortunately you guys were told about Neem juice by your granny, but told about the coffee and chocolate, by your fanny. That is why all the time, you fantasize about that and you hate this. But both are doing the same effect in the brain, so I don’t have problem, have both – what is there. I do not have anything called right, wrong, left, center, and all that. I look at only one thing – whether it supports you to do the manifest powers of Sadāshivatva; that’s all, nothing else. 

Even Nirahara Samyama helps in a big way, to make your brain into organic brain. If you do Nirahara, your ability to retain that energy circuit of Dhyana Sloka in your system… drastically goes up. That is why Upavasa during the Vratas and …you are asked to meditate with Upavasa; with less food or less job for the stomach, you’ll be able to…your brain is capable of retaining the energy circuits and manifesting the powers. That is why, the higher the energy, more hands and more heads are described; because your brain needs to hold on, your brain need to grow such subtle way. 

I tell you, on banana leaf, apply the ghee and eat the pure Kaveri organic Ponni rice, the ability of your brain to grow subtle grooves and ability to hold the higher understandings and visualizations. Eh! It is not a joke. 47% of Indian IAS is from Tambras, one organization. You think it is an accident? And 50% of Microsoft is Tamil, Telugu, Kannada – Brahmins. You think it is an accident? And that 50% also, because that country does not allow freely. If that country freely allows, Bill Gates will not have even second person anybody other than Tamil, Telugu, Kannada – Brahmins. It’s all not accident but unfortunately the next generation will not have that ability… that’s the most unfortunate thing; because of abusive entertainment. 

Understand. Any intensity, if your brain is not able to keep it up as continuity, it is abusive entertainment. That’s the definition of ‘abusive entertainment’. In My days, what was My entertainment? The elders will read Mahabharata and tell the stories. That intensity, My brain can keep it as continuity for whole….how long….however long I want My brain will not be tired, My body will not be lethargic. Intensity kept continuity is Usage. Intensity not kept continuously is Abusage. THIS IS THE DEFINITION IN EVERY LEVEL. Go and work out this definition in every level. Any brain grown with the entertainment of intensity – continuity……thanks to late invention of television. If I am revealing the power manifestation science to all of you, thanks to late import of television. 

Our kids should be taught, by reading the Dhyana Sloka visualizing the Deities and drawing them or carving them or making them with your own hands. 

Biology is you. 

Chemistry is the Dhyana Sloka and visualization. 

Making them or carving them or painting them is Physics. 

And I tell you, whenever I made deities out of clay, My body shapes will get shaped in the same way – I have seen. I have seen that happening in My life. So just reading the Dhyana Sloka or seeing the statue, imbibing it in the brain and reproducing it back – your body will get carved. These are all the ways. Basic education is this only. This is what is called Primal Education; not Primary Education … ‘Primal Education’ – where a child by the simple instruction of words, is capable of visualizing and holding and reproducing that in the form of painting or art or a carving or anything. This is fundamentally the primary, organic, brain growing exercise and education. This kind of brain can cut across chemistry, biology, physics, anything – geography, anything! 

Anyhow, soon there will be a time, where we will not have any of the so called ‘syllabus’. I will evolve a Gurukul, when I am able to establish and prove My science works to the world. Whatever I teach in the satsangs only that will be taught to the kids. They will be made to manifest that through the Acharyas. That will be the real Nithyananda Gurukul. Today I have spoken all this – kids should go and study tomorrow whole Bharadwaja’s Vaimanika Shastra from this understanding, and the modern day flying – aeronautics, both will be compared and presented, kids will just reinvent those Sutras and formulas and circuits and draw them and bring them next day. This is the way Kailash will function; soon it will happen. We are evolving, we are evolving. We just need few brains which will mirror My circuits. The mirror neuron should happen. At least, if few 100 kids evolve to that state, we can demonstrate it to the world, then people will have the guts, courage, confidence in trusting us. Like how now, we established the fundamentals of the power manifestation science as true, I’ll evolve and establish the fundamentals of the Vedic education is true. 

See, fundamental of the Vedic education is ‘Dhee’. ‘Dhee’ means capacity to cut across and understand anything in the Universe. That is what is given to you as a initiation as ‘Gayatri’ – 

Bhur Bhuvah Swaha Tat Savitur Varenyam 

Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayat  

Let me meditate on that which awakens my ‘dhee’. Ability to cut across everything and see. 

If you are given this ‘Gayatri’, by the brain which cognizes the intensity and continuity is one and the same, you are blessed; because this seed will work in you with this Shaktipata – ‘intensity and continuity is one and the same’. Understand. Even if you cognize ‘intensity and continuity is one and the same’, almost 99% of your psychological and mental problems will go away. All the depression will go away. See fundamentally, if I am allowed to do only this downloading work, we could have….we would have created the Nithyananda Gurukul even now. Even now we would have done the work which I am supposed to do.

With this…every statement of today’s Satsang is the essence of today’s Satsang. So the powerful cognition for today’s satsang is – “Every statement of today’s satsang is the essence of today’s satsang.” So listen to this Satsang at least 10 times. 

With this, I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, MahaSadāshivoham, the Eternal Bliss – Nithyananda.

Thank you.

Be Blissful

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