THE SPH 47th Jayanthi Message: KAILASA Is Open For All!

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I welcome you all with My love, respects, best wishes and blessings. All the Statesmen, Congressmen, Prime Ministers, Presidents, Kings, Queens, Very Important Personalities from all over the world, and devotees, disciples, all the Hindu diaspora, Hindus from all over the world, de facto Kailāsians, Ambassadors, Ministers, all the citizens of Kailāsa, and all the divine beings and all the beings from all the universes gather here to celebrate the 47th Jayantī Mahotsava, Avatāra Dina Utsava, 47th birthday celebrations — I welcome all of you with My love, respects, best wishes, blessings.

Each of the VIPs, Prime Ministers, Presidents, Kings, Queens … joined today representing your countries — I thank all of you for being here. Kailāsa is fortunate. Kailāsa feels blessed. I feel graced, blessed by all of your presence here. Sincerely I thank each one of you with My love  and respects. 

Honorable Louis-Georges Tin, Prime Minister of State of African Diaspora (SOAD) — I thank you for being here sincerely.

Honorable Minister Philip Telesford, Cabinet Minister of Grenada — I welcome you. Thank you for being here representing your nation. Thank you, we feel graced and blessed by your presence here.

Honorable G Anthony Hylton, member of Parliament, Jamaica — thank you Sir for being here. I know for a long time how you are a great support of Kailāsa, and all the good things you are doing for Kailāsa and our members, our nuns. Honorable G Anthony Hylton, CD, member of Parliament, Jamaica, once again I want to thank you … for all your support and for being here today. We are honoured by your presence here, and we are so happy for all the support you are doing for My nuns. I feel so happy and protected, My daughters, My nuns are in your hands. You are the best, greatest support of Kailāsa. I thank you Honorable G Anthony Hylton once more.    

Cllr. Pearl Bull, Singer and Commissioner of Diocese Republic of Liberia, representing republic of Liberia. Pearl Bull, thank you for being here representing Republic of Liberia. 

Honorable Mamadou Bah, Foreign Affair Secretary of United Pan Africanist Movement … from Republic of Gambia, representing Republic of The Gambia. Mamadou Bah, thank you for being here. And, I am also happy to read your book ‘My Vision For The Gambia.’ You are an amazing visionary. Mamadou Bah, thank you.

Mr. Clement Awanfe Ngueto, President of Global Compassion and Founder, Republic of Cameroon. Mr. Clement Awanfe Ngueto, thank you for being here representing Republic of Cameroon. Thank you.

Mr. Tahir Mahmood, Methodologist and Scientist at Norwegian Resource Centre of Diversity, Integration and Peace, Kingdom of Norway. Mr. Tahir Mahmood, thank you for being here representing Kingdom of Norway.   

Mr. Ritwik Ghoshal from Singapore, Marine Engineer — thank you for being here.

Mr. Alan Seid, Founder of grevein… Greenway Revolution, Senator of Republic of Palau. Mr. Alan Seid, thank you for representing Republic of Palau.

Mr. Joshua Andall, Caricom Youth Ambassador, Grenada. Mr. Joshua Andall, thank you for being here representing your country Grenada. Thank you.

Bishop Esther Baptiste, Evangelical Alliance Grenada, Senior Pastor of House of Prayers Sanctuary, Vice President of Evangelical Alliance Grenada. Bishop Esther Baptiste, thank you for being here. So happy to have you here. Bishop Esther Baptiste, we are honoured by your presence here.  

Mr. José Luis Bruzzone, Attorney of Ecuador. Mr. José Bruise… José Luis Bruzzone representing Ecuador, thank you for being here.

Ms. Mavis Wenham, ANKH Place CIC, Board Director, United Kingdom. Mr. Mavis Wenham, thank you for being here representing United Kingdom. 

Mr. Harkishan Vasa, CEO and Founder, President of Jain Senior Association Jain Center of Southern California, Philanthropist from Los Angeles, California. Mr. Harkishan Vasa, thank you for being here. We are honoured by your presence. 

Mr. Jaime Barahoma and Mrs. Kandi Barahoma from Republic of Honduras. Republic of… Mr. Jaime Barahoma, Kandi Barahoma, thank you for being here and representing Republic of Honduras. 

Mr. Donald Tulcidas, Honorary General Consul of the Philippines, Maputo, Mozambique. Mr. Donald Tulcidas, thank you for representing Mozambique and being here. Mr. Donald Tulcidas, thank you.

Honorary Carmen mon… Montano, … hon… honorary… Honorable Carmen Montano, Mayor of Milpitas, California, USA. Thank you Mister Mayor for being here. We are

honoured, and thank you for hosting our temple for more than a decade in Milpitas. Honorable Carmen Montano, thank you for being here. You are such amazing support. And, we are so protected and blessed and happy to be based in your city Milpitas, thank you.

Honorable Collins Offinam Takyi, Municipal Chief Executive, Republic of Ghana, representing Ghana. Honorable kani… Collins Offinam Takyi, thank you for being here.

I welcome all of you, and sincerely appreciate all of your presence here.

All the Oṃ Awardees, today who are awarded with Kailāsa’s Om Award for making a great difference on the planet earth. 

Śrī Aditya Satsangi, Kailash Param Vir Chakra Award, President of Sattology, everyday chant… Chairman of Sentinel of Dharma PAC, USA. Thank you Sri Aditya Satsangi for doing what you are doing.  

Śrī Ritesh Tandon, thank you for what you are doing. US Congressional Candidate, Founder and CEO of Kricel Corporation. Śrī Ritesh Tandon, thank you for what you are doing. 

Śrī Rishi Kumar, Kailāsa Nithyananda Global Peace Award, US Congressional Candidate, USA. Śrī Rishi Kumar, thank you for what you are doing to this world, and being who you are. 

Śrī Hitendra Rana ji, Kailāsa Nithyananda Global Peace Award, Chairman of Shree Shivkrupanand Swami Foundation of America, USA. Śrī Hitendra Rana ji, thank you for what you are doing and being who you are.

I welcome all the VIPs, Awardees, everyone once again, and thank you for your presence here. We feel honoured and blessed, graced by all your presence. 

And, as I am getting the live information, many more important persons, Queens are joining. When they join, I’ll continue to welcome them during My address.

Now, Paramaśiva’s direct message from MahāKailāsa. Paramaśiva’s direct message from MahāKailāsa: from today, MahāKailāsa is open for all of you to come and enjoy, celebrate, live, get initiated, get trained, and have all the blessings from MahāKailāsa, Paramaśiva.

Listen. This is the most auspicious Jayantī. Today is the most auspicious day. Not just few billion Hindus’ spiritual, social, life aspirations are fulfilled. I tell you, millions of great Yogīs, seekers, enlightened beings — all their vision is fulfilled through this MahāKailāsa. It is not just the inspiration and aspiration of the human beings. It is not just aspiration of human beings and their inspired hard work. It is the aspiration of the divine beings from … higher lokas, vertical time zones. All their aspiration, blessings, intense tapas, hard work — all of that has … become reality by the grace of Paramaśiva. The Paramaśiva’s grace, He himself made MahāKailāsa into reality. Whatever is needed … for all of you to come and enjoy, Paramaśiva and the beings of Kailāsa, all the great gifts of Kailāsa is made reality by Paramaśiva.

Listen. MahāKailāsa is the place where you achieve the ultimate spiritual … success — Paramādvaita, and state of Paramaśiva, space of Paramaśiva, powers of Paramaśiva, being of Paramaśiva, superconsciousness of Paramaśiva. Universally MahāKailāsa is not restricted to any … gender bias, religion, no bias! MahāKailāsa is open to all beings! Irrespective of your nationality, your gender, your identity, your language, your religion, your culture, your ethnic background — MahāKailāsa is open for all beings. Understand, … it’s a place where human beings realize the ultimate spiritual possibility, ultimate spiritual potentiality, ultimate possibilities and powers. We human beings are hardwired for the ultimate superconscious breakthrough and ultimate superconscious enlightenment. So, MahāKailāsa is open. MahāKailāsa is open from today for all of you to come and enjoy.

Listen. In every level, MahāKailāsa will be the greatest blessing for planet earth, teaching the highest values — ahiṃsā paramo dharmaḥ (non-violence is the ultimate virtue). Ultimate virtues, ultimate human values, ultimate human possibilities, ultimate spiritual enlightenment, irrespective of your caste, creed, religion to every beings. It’s a spiritual sanctuary for two billion Hindus. MahāKailāsa is ready with world’s largest Hindu library. It is going to be having world’s largest Hindu temple. It is going to be having world’s largest Hindu enlightened beings settlement. You will see the real great spiritual wonders described in our Hindu scriptures — Vedas and Āgamas, and Purāṇas as experiential reality in MahāKailāsa.

Listen. This year is the most auspicious, fortunate, blessed year for this whole universe. Planet earth is going to witness … all the great truths, powers, possibilities described in Hindu scriptures — Vedas, Āgamas and Purāṇas. Whether it is a Third Eye power manifestation, or various other Aṣṭā Mahāsiddhis and powers and śaktis, or the Science of Enlightenment, Paramādvaita, all these spiritual possibilities and powers — world will witness all these are real experientially. It’ll all be shown to the world scientifically, logically, rationally. Our demonstrations will stand the scrutiny of the logic, rational analysis and science. Understand, … Hindu knowledge center, Hindu Sannyās training center, … Hindu university for the modern day human beings to come and learn about Hinduism. We will be the largest Hindu university. We will be the largest Hindu monastery. We will be the largest Hindu temple. As far as the library, Hindu library and the Hindu university is concerned, it is ready already. We will be having the largest Hindu medical hospital, college and university. Hindu medicinal hospital, college and university. And, all the great knowledge of Hindus like Vimāna Śāstra (the aeronautics), Vaimānika Śāstra of the Hindus — we are establishing it is workable functional model. Just like Vimāna Śāstra, Yantra Śāstras. Various different knowledge of the Hindus will be demonstrated in front of your eyes; you will all realize you can all see with your open eyes — Hinduism is real. Sanātana Hindu Dharma is real.

I also wanted to reveal a very important secret. Many people, … media and even some of our own Hindus, devotees think, because I was persecuted, I made Kailāsa. No. It is the other way round. Because with Paramaśiva’s grace I made Kailāsa, I was persecuted. You can see the timeline. It is now, today or tomorrow, it’ll put open in the public with the documents. In 2003, I incorporated the legal body of Kailāsa, international body. By 2007, please note down, with the legal document, it’ll all be published and established. By 2007, the small island and the land for Kailāsa was procured. By 2008, the autonomous status, and the sovereign status work was completed. Knowing that I am doing a great work for Hinduism, the persecution attacks on Me was started. Till now, I have not revealed these details; now I am revealing. Actually we have more than one sovereign land given, gifted by various countries. One was a small island; another one is not island but on that seashore, the edge of that country gifted to us. And, … we do have few more pieces of lands in different places with autonomous status, and many countries’ diplomatic relations, and many recognitions, proclamations, the sister city agreements, host country agreements, all of that. And, seat agreements, headquarters agreements, all of that we have with many countries.

I want all of you to know that truth — not because I was persecuted, I created Kailāsa, because I started creating Kailāsa, started working for Hindus to have the place like Vatican. Please understand, My vision for Kailāsa was never competition for any other nation. We are not like a regular modern day nations. We provide the administrative services for Hindus. And the Kailāsa, My vision for Kailāsa itself was it’ll be run by monks and nuns just like Vatican. It’ll not be like regular political nation. It’ll be run by monks and nuns just like Vatican for Christians. Kailāsa will be for Hindus to keep the Hinduism alive, … provide the administrative headquarters for Hinduism, keep the seed bank of Hindu knowledge for the world. Because I was doing this whole thing non-violent, by going to every person, convincing them, begging them, receiving it as a donation, non-violent way and making Kailāsa happen. I did not expect any persecution, but the anti-Hindu forces, let Me repeat, anti-Hindu elements, anti-Hindu forces, Hindumisic powers could not tolerate a nation getting evolved for Hindus. So, they started the attack, and racist people also joined the attack. But, with the grace of Paramaśiva, … Paramaśiva himself protected Me and My saṅgha, and Paramaśiva himself made this Kailāsa into reality.

So understand, … whatever is already done, I will list it. Hindu monastery, infrastructure needed for Hindu monastery is done. From today, we will be receiving application for Hindu monastery. Whether you are a male or female want to live a monk-nun life, being part of Kailāsa’s Sovereign Order of Kailāsa’s Nityānanda, want to be part of Kailāsa’s … Sovereign Order, Kailāsa’s Monks and Nuns Order — you are welcome to apply today; you can send the email today. From today, the monks’ and nuns’ applications will be accepted, and we will start receiving them. That’s a first step; second, university is ready. We will start accepting the university in… applications also. You can all send email; anyone wants to learn, do courses, classes in our university, staying in our sovereign land — please send email to We will have interview, Zoom interview and the visa will be processed. For the people who want to become monks, nuns (Sannyāsīs, Sannyāsīnīs) Rudras, Rudrakanyās, Yogīs, Yoginīs — for all of you, and the people who want to learn, have a degree, diplomo, postgraduate, enfield, doctorate from the Kailāsa’s Nityānanda Hindu University by residing in MahāKailāsa, in our sovereign land — please, send your request through email. We will start doing the interview and process your student visa.

And, … so much to share, so much to tell. I am just overflowing with Paramaśiva’s energy. I am just overflowing with Paramaśiva’s energy. The temple will be operative from today. Soon, we will be making the world’s largest Hindu temple. But the temple will be operating from today. And, the issuing of the Hindu ID cards, like birth certificate as per the Hinduism, horoscope as per Hindu tradition, Hindu Jyotiśāstra, marriage certificates as per the Hindu rituals, even conducting the marriages as per the Hindu tradition — all the Hindu spiritual, religious and serve… services will be provided to all

Hindus free of cost … on the sovereign land of MahāKailāsa and online — both. Both services will be provided. 

Hindu court will start functioning in our sovereign land. It’ll be the universal jurisdiction. Any issues related to Hinduism, you can bring it to the Hindu court for a legal resolution as per the Hindu scriptures and Hindu law. Hindu jurisprudence, the Manuvādi Dharmaśāstras will be the jurisprudence of MahāKailāsa. The court proceedings, and the procedures will be almost similar to … United States of America’s judicial system, but the law will be Hindu law — Manuvādi Dharmaśāstras.

And, Hindu bank, Kailāsa Reserve Bank will be functioning. You all will be able to open your accounts, and do the money transaction; it is functional. So it’ll be functional. All these details, how to, will all be revealed through our website. Within next few days, it is all getting uploaded. Because, even our team … did not expect this soon we will be opening the MahāKailāsa to all of you. So, … they are also pleasantly surprised and waking up. It’ll all be available to all of you soon.

So, all the Hindus and all the beings, all the human beings, all the beings of this world and all the beings of all the world celebrate Paramaśiva’s grace with the Paramaśiva’s blessings; Paramaśiva himself made MahāKailāsa happened. It is reality now. Paramaśiva has made MahāKailāsa happen. He made it. He did it. MahāKailāsa is real. I know how everyone is intense, excited, and deeply curious to know the precise location. As I said, we have more than one place. We have place, university, temple in one land. Bank and other economical services in another land. The court and the Hindu parliament — all that is in one place. We did it like a stitch all these together, because based on that land availability and easy access, visa free travel. Based on all these, we made these decisions, … and also to protect ourself from any further persecution attacks, either diplomatically, politically. I am sure we don’t have any enemies; we ourself don’t feel anyone as a enemy. But, the work we are doing, … the work of Kailāsa for Hindus, … that attracts many anti-Hindu elements, anger and their violence, their hatred. Toh… so to protect ourself, we placed different units in different places.

When we accept you for Sannyās (for monk training), we will give you the address of the sovereign land where the monastery is established; you can come and stay there, and have that monastic training.

If you, if your application for … our university is accepted, … we will give you the address of our university. You can, you will be given visa; you can come there, stay, get trained, study. 

And, … if you want to file some religious issues, if you to bring any cases to our court, you can send an email. We will be giving you the address of our Kailāsa’s Court. You can come and file the cases or argue. All the lawyers, who are born or practicing Hindus get right to practice in Kailāsa Court. All the issues related to Hinduism will be attended universally, universal jurisdiction. So the jurisdiction is universal jurisdiction. Hinduism related issues will be attended, taken by the Kailāsa Court. 

Kailāsa far… Parliament will be coming up with decisions, resolutions, strategies, plans for Hindus and all the issues affecting Hindus. So this parliament will be more like … decision making unit for Hindus, and the issues affecting Hindus. It’ll function purely democratically. It’ll be the democratic structure. And MahāKailāsa itself … is like … democracy monitored by that traditional Hindu kingdom style administration. Traditional Hindu kingdoms had democracy in all the human, all the issues related to citizens. It was monitored by the monarch (king). The same style administration and political structure is established in Kailāsa. 

There is so much … to tell. Last five years, Paramaśiva’s grace, so much hard work is done. And I sincerely wanted to thank every devotee, disciple, … Sannyāsī (monk, nun), … follower, sympathiser, supporter, for being a support, making this Kailāsa happen; whoever share your time, treasure, talent, best wishes, moral support in every way, I thank each one of you sincerely with My heart and I bless you all with all auspiciousness. Listen. I want to tell all the devotees, Hindu diaspora, Sarvajñapīṭha Manifestors, Sarvajñapīṭha Yajamāns, Sarvajñapīṭha Kartās, Sarvajñapīṭhadhīśvars — all of you, you all have done beyond your capacity. I have nothing more to expect from you all; I have only one thing for all of you — gratitude. I sincerely thank all of you for making this happen. And I also want to apologize to all of you for taking so many years to make it happen. I know all of you have put your time, treasure, talent, literally life, but the work of MahāKailāsa is too big.

I tell you, last thirty or little more than thirty years, almost one generation Hindus worked with Me, supported Me and made this Kailāsa happen. Of course, ultimately with Paramaśiva’s grace, it become reality. I tell you, at the age of three, I was given Bāla Sannyās. At the age of five, I was put on the dais to start speaking. At the age of ten, I was put on the throne to take the responsibility. At the age of sixteen, My predecessors left the body. I took charge, assumed full charge of this revival of Kailāsa. And, rest is history; all of you know, now I am forty-six completed and entering into forty-seven. Almost last thirty plus years, one generation Hindus … dedicated their time, treasure, talent. In so many ways, sacrificed, withstood all the persecution, attacks, stood by Me, being My support. Every way with the grace of Paramaśiva, all of you made Kailāsa into reality; I tell you, literally Paramaśiva himself manifested through all of you, and all, and made this Kailāsa into reality.

I also wanted to sincerely apologize for not revealing the exact, precise location publicly here now. All My devotees, disciples know the reason why I am not publicly revealing this information. It is just to avoid the unnecessary attacks. That is the reason I am not revealing the longitude and latitude; but wherever needed, for example some places where we need to sign the diplomatic relations, or the monks who want to come and have the training in the sovereign land, the students who want to come and study in the university — for all of them, we will be giving the information. Information will be revealed as and when needed. And, when we are giving visas, naturally you are going to come. And also, we have beautiful, wonderful spiritual things ready in MahāKailāsa for all of you to come and enjoy.

All the four hundred and sixty-three powers described in Vedas and Āgamas are made to real; you will see the life demo. It’s real. Sanātana Hindu Dharma is real. Sanātana Hindu Dharma … is real and demonstrable, reproducible cosmic science. You will start  enjoy, experiencing all this … in MahāKailāsa; and I also wanted to tell you one more thing. Even though we may not disclose the location to all in common public, you will start having live sessions … in camera; in video you will start seeing the Kailāsa live. The live video sessions, live tools will start happening. That will start happening because only after seeing the live tools, each departments, people will want to come and get trained in Sannyās and come and have education in our university. So for them, the live sessions will be conducted. You will be able to see through Zoom and internet digitally the live setup of the MahāKailāsa and its facilities.

And, I feel like the location is sitting in My throat. Any moment I may just blurt it out. So, which I do not want to do it right now. Just for security reasons. We just want to live peacefully; we don’t want diplomatic attacks, any other political attacks, any other, any attacks; we just want to live peaceful life. Just to retain our peace, whoever wants to gives, wants to come and live as Sannyāsīs (monks, nuns), who want to be part of our life, for all of them we will give our address, visa. We will welcome them. 

And, I also want to tell one more thing. I am opening the doors for all Hindu refugees. Hindus who are persecuted, want to come and have refuge, asylum in MahāKailāsa, I am opening the doors. This place will be the sanctuary for Hindus. 

And, we also have established Hindu World Trade Centre. If Hindus want to do business as per Hindu ethics, you are welcome to come and start doing your business, bring your investments, establish your for profit, non-profit entities, Hindu NGOs. This will function literally like how the Vatican is for Catholics, Christians. Same way, Kailāsa will be functioning for Hindus. This place is a boon for all Hindus and blessings for the whole humanity.

So, all the Paramaśivoham Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 participants, as the ultimate of the Cosmos, Paramaśiva’s ultimate manifestation Bhagavān Nityānanda Paramaśiva Mūrti, I bless you all with all the auspiciousness, Paramādvaita Dīkṣā and all auspiciousness, manifesting all the ananta kalyāṇa guṇas; Paramaśiva manifesting through this being Bhagavān Nityānanda Paramaśivam and more. Tathāstu, Tathāstu, Tathāstu. 

And, we also have lot of releases, … and great gifts from MahāKailāsa, which will be now released by the Prince of Kailāsa. 

In next few days on Uttarāyaṇam means the auspicious time of the year, after the January 14th, the Uttarāyaṇam, there will be formal coronation of Princes and Princesses which will be live relayed; all of you will be able to see it. 

And, there is actually so much more to tell. I am overflowing with Paramaśiva’s energy. I’ll continue to tell, reveal more details in further satsaṅgs from today. From today, you are going to have everyday satsaṅg also along with darśan, initiation, energy darśan, satsaṅg, question-answer sessions will also start. From today, it is restarting.

So with this, let Paramaśiva shower you all and all, with all the auspiciousness and blessings. With this, I bless you all and all. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, living Śuddhādvaita Śaivam, Paramādvaitam, the State, Space, Powers, Being, Superconsciousness and Kailāsa, MahāKailāsa of Paramaśiva, Paramaśivoham, Oṃ Nityānanda Paramaśivoham, The Eternal Bliss, Nityānanda. Thank you. Be blissful.

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