Working On The Mind Is A Waste Of Time

Hinduism's spiritual science revolves around around 60-70 powerful cognitions manifesting as transformative powers. Unlike futile attempts to change the mind, the focus is on the body and unleashing the Super Consciousness.
SPH Nithyananda Working on Mind Waste of time

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I’ll just finish the whole thing in 2-3 statements.

You are a hardware – this body. On this, there is software, the programming which operates this body. There is an electricity connection.

Now the software with which you were operating and the electricity, these two is completely screwed up. That is when the hardware also started getting destroyed. I am doing two things: One – again and again putting the powerful software. You see… every powerful cognition I am giving you, when I say, “This static matter, dynamic activity, strategic existence is the same”, and immediately till you get into your old stupid screwed software, you will not have doubt. For a few minutes, because of My face value, “I think this fellow must be telling only for my good”, for some reason it will be there as alive memory. Those few minutes when you decide to use that as your software, My Super Consciousness, My electricity connects with you; not the regular electricity with which you are working – bio-energy. No. Sadāshiva’s bio-energy; Who gave Me the experience and authority to transmit this experience, His bio-energy just enters into you. Once you start seeing that moving, you will feel, “Oh God, I think this fellow is right.” Once 21 times you move, then this software cannot be taken out of your software. How many of you are understanding what I am saying? Understand. That’s all is the whole game.

It’s all….you see, the whole program is nothing but, I want to give you some 60-70 powerful cognitions.

You are the Consciousness, you cannot be killed.

All of you need to know, Hinduism has 2 crore sourcebooks. Hinduism has 2 crore sourcebooks. The whole 2 crore source books and we have more than 1 crore temples and almost billion followers and at least….at least I can say, 10 million enlightened beings have lived on the Planet Earth, because of Hinduism; people who became enlightened because of Hinduism… and the chain is still alive, a living stream of Hinduism. The essence of all these is these 70 powerful cognitions. That’s all.

Once these 70 powerful cognitions start operating in you – ‘you are the Consciousness’… these are all the side effects of the remaining.

Listen carefully. When you understand ‘you are the Consciousness’, and you declare that as your powerful cognition, “Aye, I am the Consciousness, so my ups, downs, mood swings, ideas, identities, which comes and goes – none of these can be my real cognition.”

As a side effect, many of the disturbed, screwed-up software stops working, which means they all get slowly deleted.

The whole Hinduism or the spiritual science in the world, is this only. 60-70, 60 to 70 roughly powerful cognitions, should manifest in you as powers, not just intellectually. If you just get intellectually, you will never believe it. It is like working on the mind. Working on the mind is equivalent to trying to change your spouse. Try, try!! Working on the mind is a waste of time. I telling you, if you have been working on your mind or Gurus who are teaching you to work on your mind and you are doing that, please be informed – you will end up only in frustration. I have seen enough fellows working on the mind. I have seen enough of fellows working on the mind. It’s a failure, be very clear because the mind is a nonexistent screenplay of the hormones and chemicals in the body. Understand. When Buddha says, “Nothing exists.” He talks about the mind only, not about Consciousness.

One young Brahmachari goes to a senior 90-year-old Monk and asks, “Oh Swami, how long it takes to control the mind?” He says, “I do not know how long, but till 90 it doesn’t happen.” I am telling you, if you are working on Vedanta, if you are working on mind, that is what is the truth. You see, Hinduism has only 2 traditions… only 2 traditions: one works on Consciousness, and another works on body. That’s all. We never worked on the mind because we know from the beginning it doesn’t exist. Work on biology. Allow the Super Consciousness to breakthrough.

People ask Me many times, “Oh Swamiji, in other ashrams, in other organizations, in other systems, we work for 5 years, 6 years, to have a small experience. How come we are manifesting powers here? Is it all magic or is it real, really, really real?” If you are working in the wrong direction, why will you not waste your life? All working on mind is working in the wrong direction. It’s like you can go to Bengaluru this way or this way. If you go this way, you will come after 25 years, rounding the whole Earth. If you go this way, you will come in 25 minutes that’s all. Working on the mind is going this way. Working on the body is the real thing.

Now, even when I give you powerful cognitions, I am not working on your mind, I am working on your Consciousness. I am agitating your Consciousness. That’s the right word.

I am just making you ferocious; making you understand the mind is the chain. One beautiful thing is if you start tasting the freedom of one powerful cognition in reality, like a few powers, suddenly the taste for that power makes you ferocious and you start breaking the patterns. You even start forgetting you had addictions. Sometimes not only do you walk out of addictions, but you forget you had addictions, you had those problems.

So the gist is, the whole gist is, again and again, inserting powerful cognitions, even while you are dealing with your day-to-day life… before dealing with it, insert a powerful cognition – “I am Consciousness, I am…I have superiority over everything that exists around me, everything that exists around me is my decision.”

It is not arrogance, please understand. It is not arrogance, it’s not arrogance. Insert that software and bring Oneness …and I am giving you this consciousness, this cognition. If you do something right or wrong and I am responsible, don’t worry. You just go ahead, I am responsible. Start rolling your inner space with powerful cognitions. Once the power manifestation becomes like a lifestyle, like the flow of your very Being, that kind of inner image you will start cherishing, you will bless yourself. You will feel so happy to live in your body, you will feel so happy to live with you. You will feel so blessed to be who you are. End of the day that is the result I wanted, not just… see, all these are great no doubt, but the result is that only – You feel blessed with yourself. Powerful cognitions that’s the result, Power manifestation is a side effect.

Power manifestation is a side effect of powerful cognitions. That’s all is the essence of the whole program. The essence of what I am doing, I have spoken.

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